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I was in a new market gourmet in Madrid. It is called Audience and he wore a few days open. I thought it was an amazing place where Miss with friends, children or family. A place where choice is a pleasure because all the options are good

He had long wanted to make a mini madeleines. I had always wanted to verify if really bake out those beautiful slots or if they would be smooth. So taking advantage of Lékué had given me this mold of madeleines, I decided to do them. That Yes, not with any recipe.

After reading many and discard most I decided to try a technique learned from Jean Michelle Llorca and in some of their cakes using invert sugar. Feared that if used a recipe traditional, to the be some biscuits so small, remain a little dry, so I decided to use it. The result is a small madeleines juicy on the inside and with a touch of crisp on the outside.

To top it off I used caramel mass to give that delicious flavor to my madeleines. Do water makes you mouth? As we will...



Madeleines with dulce de leche

Madeleines with dulce de leche

Madelienes with dulce de leche

Madelienes with dulce de leche


  • 45 g sugar €0.04
  • 10 g sugar invested €0.10
  • 5 g of pure vanilla extract €0.18
  • 65 g of egg €0.22
  • 65 g flour €0.03
  • 2 g of yeast €0.10
  • 65 g of butter (if you have no French butter that is a good quality butter) French €0.30
  • 37 g of milk gently (I did it boiling a can of condensed milk for 3 hours without opening in a saucepan with water) €0,20

In total there are €1.17, resulting among the 40 mini madeleines departing, €0.05 per unit. That seems incredible? It is real as life itself.


1 preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

2. in a large bowl put eggs, invert sugar, and the sugar and mix without beating until the mixture is uniform.

3. Add the milk gently and mix well.

4. Add the vanilla and mix again.

5 Add the flour in three times, mixing well after each addition of flour.

6. Add butter melted in three times, mixing well after each addition of flour.

7 let stand 20 minutes

8 pour the mixture into a sleeve pastry and carefully fill the madeleines: must be filled in almost whole, that the dough will not come out but the gap was filled almost whole.

9 bake for 5 minutes

10 move to a wire rack and let cool completely for half an hour (if the madeleines are large must cool at least one hour).

Tips and Tricks

  • Level of difficulty: medium
  • Preparation time: 50 minutes
  • Servings: 40 units
  • If you don't have sugar inverted uses glucose, or simply sugar. Although the texture won't be the same, you'll love the flavor.
  • It uses cream of candy (candy with cream) instead of caramel
  • Do it in a mould cake if you don't have a mold for the madeleines, but they are so cute!
  • Try these delicious madeleines with a shake of ice cream: Mix 2 scoops of your favorite ice cream with 100 ml of milk. Beat with mixer and a snack!

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