Pelayo squid. A northern recipe in a southern girl's kitchen

These pelayo squids are one of the ways I like to prepare squid in addition to ink.

It's a simple way that carries very basic and inexpensive ingredients. The recipe can be frozen once prepared if you want to have the dish ready well in advance and in the fridge they last well for several days.

Bluefin tuna tataki with avocado cream

This tuna tataki is so easy you won't believe it. One of the simplest and richest ways to eat fish is to make it raw, with a light marinade that gives it a delicious flavor. This one today is marinated with soy lemon, lemon and ginger and is accompanied by a...

Octopus and avocado tartare with gazpacho sauce

This octopus and avocado tartare with gazpacho sauce has become loleta's most sought-after dish this summer. In addition to being very easy to prepare it is very complete, rich and healthy and serves you for any meal or dinner. The secret is to...

Cod with Biscayne

Biscayne cod is one of the most commonly liked dishes of Basque cuisine.

The base is salted cod, peppers and tomatoes and today I bring you the version that my mother prepares us when she wants to pamper us. Then there's always a fight to take the leftovers and it's just

Cod fritters with garlic and curry mayonse

These cod fritters with curry aioli have been fixed in the Lent of the house for years.
Although this time I will prepare them with a curry aioli that will make them special and that will also be the perfect starter for Father's Day this year.

Cod with cava velouté. The fish from your holidays

Today I bring you my fish recipe for these holidays. A recipe made with cod and Iberian palette, a sea and mountain perfect for these holidays. It is a very simple recipe to prepare and that you can leave ready a few days before. The garrison are...

Chickpeas with cod. Reinvented Malaga vigil stew

This dish has become the favorite of lent at home and in the easiest and fastest way of preparing uy eat chickpeas at home. It has many varieties with or without egg, with or without cod and you can even add a few fresh spinach.

Shrimp Stuffed potatoes with tuna

These potatoes stuffed with prawns with tuna opened the recipes for this Christmas season. They are very easy to prepare but are especially delicious. They carry a filler that it serves you for filling potatoes than any other vegetables such as aubergines

Marinated salmon with beet

This marinated salmon with beet recipe I saw in one of the last books that I bought, Afternoon tea at home. The author is Will Torrent, one of the leading experts in pastry and chocolate in the United Kingdom who has worked with Heston Blumenthal...

Salmon with avocado sauce Burger

Salmon with avocado sauce burgers. This was dinner prepared to Rafa Nadal and Fernando Alonso, my guests of another day at home. Siiiii, have you read well. You see, a few weeks ago my dear Delicious, my friend Marta, proposed me a very fun challenge:

Easy recipe of mussels with bacon beer

This easy recipe of mussels with bacon beer I brought it many years ago in Brussels, where the mussels are a dish that must try if you visit the city. There are lots of ways to prepare them, as the mussels with white wine cream sauce, but these are the fastest and most easy to prepare.

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