Homemade walnut pesto buns with love

These walnut pesto buns are going to accompany your summer dinners. I'm sure they're delicious as well as easy. I love making bread at home but I run away from the complicated recipes that make me keep an eye on the bread for days because I always end up...

Kulich. The Russian Easter Bread

The Kulich, is an Easter bread that is enjoyed in many countries Eastern Europe and in Russia, and that in addition to being beautiful, is characterized because it is very high, more than its base.

The top is rounded and is always covered with a layer of sugar glaze.
Legend has it that the top

Poles of lactose-free, sugar-free handle. The summer in your hand

These poles of lactose-free and sugar-free mango are my wild each summer when preparing a dessert in 2 minutes and almost no ingredients. You just need to have fruit frozen by that always take the end of season for example strawberries and mangos to freeze kilos of fruit during the year I used to prepare jams and homemade ice cream.

San Juan coca with pistachios. Another way to celebrate San Juan

This San Juan coca with pistachios will be so this year we will celebrate our particular night of San Juan. In Malaga, the custom is to go out at night to take fish and a few skewers of sardines to the beach, enjoy the juas (thus the bonfires are called) where always

La-receta-MAS-Facil-de-Pan-brioche. The best bread for French toast

This is the easiest recipe for brioche bread that I have tried and that always goes well. You can make it in the Thermomix, conventional blender or by hand and you will be so easy to do it constantly. I do it so that I can serve as bread for the toast and...

Khachapuri. Bread filled with cheese from Georgia

This Khachapuri or bread cheese filling is typical of Georgia. The bread is made with yeast to grow you size during manufacture and can have different forms. The filling contains generally cheese egg and other various ingredients. And it is also...

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