Chocolate scones. The perfect recipe for your breakfasts or snacks

These chocolate scones have been with us for many years now. The first sones I prepared in my life were the English classics that carry nothing but basic ingredients and that open in half a leg take them with clotted cream and homemade jam.

But we soon discovered at home the pleasure of adding more ingredients such as raspberries, orange, lemon, pumpkin and of course chocolate!

Scones are a besieged cupcake on the way between cookies and buns. I like to have them at breakfast or in the snack although around here you have to take them at any time.

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Roast chicken with apples. The tastiest chicken you've ever cooked at home

This roast chicken with apples is going to become your best mate these days. And after so many days of excesses the body asks for lighter, healthier and more tasty meals because who has said that you can not eat healthy and rich at the same time?

The chicken is golden and with crispy and very tasty skin on the inside. We take advantage of others to roast the apple and some vegetables so that it is a complete dish all in one: fit and garnish them which is the ones that I like the most to cook the meats and fish in the oven.

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Roscón de Reyes fast and delicious. Roscon in electric mixer.

This fast and delicious Roscón de Reyes is the one we have prepared several times at home this year. We didn't want roscon with frosted fruit and we wanted it to be very fluffy so here I bring you the version that after several tests has been a winner.

This year I was inspired by the roscón de Rocío Arroyo, my companion of Canal Cocina who makes the roscón stretching it first as a brioche and shaping it as a cylinder instead of making a circle with the amasa directly, and I must admit that it has been a success to try it because it is really fluffy.

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Chocolate truffles. The best gift at the Christmas table

These chocolate truffles are the star of this Christmas at home, and one of the things that I like to give away on these dates is chocolate. I have several recipes that I repeat and this is one of them.

My father loves chocolate in addition to toffee, and this year I sent him from Madrid a box with both delights that put a smile on his face as long as I tried them.

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Crispy avocado rolls and prawns

This is the appetizer I'm proposing for this Christmas. Some crunchy rolls I've prepared with the avocados and prawns you'll triumph with at the table. It is a very simple recipe that you can prepare in advance, the only precaution that you have to...

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Pear and almond cake. Our breakfast at Christmas

This cake of pears and almonds will be our faithful companion these days: they love the mornings that come now before the festivities in which we get up and put the tree, prepare the gifts for the teachers of school and write the letter to the Magi.

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Roast lamb. Lechazo with apples and potatoes for Christmas

This dish of roast lamb is a leg of suckling lamb is one of those dishes that in my house always receive with palms, but if it is Christmas even more. So today I cooked it giving it a different touch by putting apples with potatoes and adding a touch of cognac and cinnamon that

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Toffee candy. A perfect gift for everyone

These toffee candies have always been my father's favorites. I've always loved that feeling that they stick to your teeth, it caught my eye when I was little.

These are very easy to make, it's sweet and melted in the mouth unless you sing a rooster.

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