Chocolate waffles. The ultimate recipe for success at home

Estos gofres de chocolate han hecho felices hoy a mi peque en casa. Ahora que estamos en casa y que ya llevamos varias semanas, he decidido que nos vamos a dar el gusto de tener antojos porque sí, porque lo merecemos. El refrán dice que "en martes ni te cases ni te...

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Vanilla and orange toast with chocolate sauce

These vanilla and orange toasts are the newest addition to my particular collection of toast. The basis is the recipe for my uncomplicated brioche bread that makes the toasts creamy and look like it has stuffing Don't you fancy a toast? Well...

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The cake of the pot (The Pot Cake)

This recipe from La Tarta de la Maceta is one of the first ones I posted on the blog. Today I republish it with the updated photos for you to use in the celebration of this Father's Day so different that we have to live, but the original recipe is from the 28th of...

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Cod fritters with garlic and curry mayonse

These cod fritters with curry aioli have been fixed in the Lent of the house for years.
Although this time I will prepare them with a curry aioli that will make them special and that will also be the perfect starter for Father's Day this year.

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Sweet popcorn. Best for home theater

These sweet popcorn makes home theater take on another dimension. Since I was little I've loved cinema with all my desire. Getting into someone else's life with the lights off and for a while it's something I've always found magic. My grandfather Vicente had a cinema...

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The best chocolate cake. Quick and easy recipe.

The best chocolate cake. That's what my son says every time we prepare him. It is an easy but very rich cake that is very juicy and with intense chocolate flavor as it could not be otherwise. Ingredients 75g Melted Butter 300g...

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Brooklyn. The cool side of New York. Ⅰ

The first time I traveled to New York Brooklyn was no one shadow of what it is today. I convinced Juanje to go and as we arrived we turned around. It was not a safe neighborhood and in the same metro station the police recommended turning around when we...

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Zucchini and parmesan cream

Today we prepare a tasty cream of courgettes and parmesan that will become one of your favorites. This zucchini and parmesan cream is going to save me this week. When we thought that spring had arrived you are surprised by the cold this has come and...

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Chicken with tomato and basil

This chicken with tomato and basil is perfect for every day but especially to organize yourself on weekdays and eat healthy without having to ride anything special in the kitchen. It is a very simple recipe that you can make in conventional pan and in slow wave that...

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