Perfect chocolate cake. The ultimate recipe for the most amazing cake

This creamy chocolate cake has such an amazing texture that you'll want to repeat it over and over again. It is the best cake I have made so far The texture is between a brownie and a sponge cake with the advantage that you can bake it in the mold of your choice. The...

Mugcake. The cup cake with all versions

You know that mugcake is a very recurring something to prepare a breakfast or snack quickly and without complications but very rich. In yesterday's live with Vero you asked for many vegan options, without banana, without sugar, so here I leave you all the options that I have...

Kulich. The Russian Easter Bread

The Kulich, is an Easter bread that is enjoyed in many countries Eastern Europe and in Russia, and that in addition to being beautiful, is characterized because it is very high, more than its base.

The top is rounded and is always covered with a layer of sugar glaze.
Legend has it that the top

Chocolate waffles. The ultimate recipe for success at home

Estos gofres de chocolate han hecho felices hoy a mi peque en casa. Ahora que estamos en casa y que ya llevamos varias semanas, he decidido que nos vamos a dar el gusto de tener antojos porque sí, porque lo merecemos. El refrán dice que "en martes ni te cases ni te...

The best chocolate cake. Quick and easy recipe.

The best chocolate cake. That's what my son says every time we prepare him. It is an easy but very rich cake that is very juicy and with intense chocolate flavor as it could not be otherwise. Ingredients 75g Melted Butter 300g...

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