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Onion soup. Perfect for cold days

Onion soup has become the one at home to have dinners and copious meals from these parties. Onion soup is served with a few slices of bread that you can toast in the roaster, in the oven

Porra antequerana. It tastes like fair

Porra antequerana is one of the dishes that reminds me of summer, Málaga and fair. It is a dish that is made in thousand versions, which depend on the person who prepared it. and this Club today, is not the authentic version, neither the true nor the only just that...

Chickpeas with cod. Reinvented Malaga vigil stew

This dish has become the favorite of lent at home and in the easiest and fastest way of preparing uy eat chickpeas at home. It has many varieties with or without egg, with or without cod and you can even add a few fresh spinach.

Easy recipe for chicken broth. The richest homemade broth

This easy recipe for chicken broth is which is prepared in my house of all life. Although in my house espresso pot is never used because my mother prepares you at Christmas for the family and makes a huge Pan (15 liters). But it is that we are a crowd at Christmas! As you can see I do the amount for

Cream of potato and mayonnaise. Cream to taste in Christmas

This potato and mayonnaise is the cream we take at home at Christmas always. It is a recipe very simple but delicious and with a completely different flavour thanks to the mayonnaise that is mixed once. I have prepared it with the Cook Expert...

Cream of curried carrots and crispy bacon

This cream of curried carrots and crispy bacon is one of those creams when do it already you can not stop repeating it. It's funny how each much have eaten when it is small. In my house my mother passed it fatal to us eating vegetables, so when he had to Javi

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