Cookies. Levain Bakery's chocolate and walnut cookies

These are the best cookies in the world, or so say Pam and Connie, the owners of Levain Bakery in New York who I've been lucky enough to go to several times on my visits to this fantastic city.

These burger-sized cookies make them fresh every day and at the end of the day donate to those in need what's left over from the day.

Chocolate cake without blender. Brownie or sponge cake?

This blender-free chocolate cake recipe is inspired by one of the books I bought in New York on my last visit a few months ago that I fell in love with from the first moment because it's a recipe made without a blender, with just a bowl and a few hand rods or a wooden spoon.

The recipe is inspired by Devils Food cake's recipe from Stella Parks' Bravetart book which has many rich and beautiful recipes and whose only problem is that it is only edited in English, but has super rich recipes. However, I didn't want to call it Devil's Food Cake because the texture looks more like a brownie or a wet sponge cake than a sponge cake. I promise to bring you Devil's Food Cake very soon.

Artichoke velouté. Light cream of lactose-free vegetables

This artichoke velouté has been one of the culinary discoveries of our last trip to Paris. It is a soft cream of artichokes that does not carry dairy and that can be made gluten-free using rice flour that goes phenomenal for the creams because they...

Peanut butter and gluten-free chocolate biscuits

These peanut and gluten-free chocolate cookies is a wild recipe for all those who have lactose intolerance and want to treat each other from time to time.

There are many of you who ask me for more and more gluten-free recipes and today I decide to share with you a very easy and very rich one that always makes the celiacs who come home happy.

It is prepared in 5 minutes and then only needs another 15 oven. It is handmade and only with 4 ingredients. Are you signing up? Well, let's go.

White chocolate mousse cake stuffed with mango. Juanje's favorite cake

This mango-stuffed white chocolate mousse cake is Juanje's favorite cake. It is true that the dessert I prepared for his birthday was a tiramisu, which is another of his favorite desserts, but this year we have had several birthdays to be able to celebrate with everyone separately.

Chicken shawarma with Arabic bread. My version of The East Street Food

Chicken shawarma with Arabic bread is one of the favorite dishes at home on beach and sun days. It is a street specialty of gastronomy in the countries of the Middle East and is based on roast beef, usually lamb.

But as always, here you will find the Loleta version. I prepare it very often and depending on whether children are going to eat it or I don't put more or less spices on it and remove the spicy. You can also use Ras.el-hanout, which I am passionate about but since I know that not everyone has access to it, I have preferred to do it with my own spices so that you can do it at home without any difficulty.

Lemon and cheese jam puff pastry with berries

These lemon jam puff pastry and fruit cheese are so easy to prepare that you won't stop repeating them.

The best thing is that you can prepare them all year round because you can use the jam you like the most depending on the season.

And you can even do like me and use a ready-made jam. They are very creamy puff pastry thanks to the cream mixture of cheese and yogurt and so easy to prepare that you won't believe it!

Happy birthday cake with colorful confetti and white chocolate.

This happy birthday cake is one of the two I blew the candles with this year. After having prepared the chocolate treat of my dreams, my son told me that it was still summer, maybe it would be better to have a more cheerful cake of colors, and leave the chocolate cake for a little later.

Bluefin tuna tataki with avocado cream

This tuna tataki is so easy you won't believe it. One of the simplest and richest ways to eat fish is to make it raw, with a light marinade that gives it a delicious flavor. This one today is marinated with soy lemon, lemon and ginger and is accompanied by a...

Good kindergarten cheesecake

This is the kinder cheesecake good with homemade white chocolate nutella that Javi has chosen this year as a birthday cake. It is very quick to prepare and liked everyone and the best thing is that it has no difficulty at all. It also comes with the recipe of my nutella...

Octopus and avocado tartare with gazpacho sauce

This octopus and avocado tartare with gazpacho sauce has become loleta's most sought-after dish this summer. In addition to being very easy to prepare it is very complete, rich and healthy and serves you for any meal or dinner. The secret is to...

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