Moruno chicken thighs with chickpeas. Well, nice and cheap

These chickpea chicken thighs with an all-in-one dish perfect for entering the waist after the excesses of the holidays Magic makes it the ras-el-hanout, a typical kind of Moroccan food that you can prepare at home or buy it. I buy it...

Fricandó de veal with mushrooms and foie gras

This beef fricandó with mushrooms and foie is my version of one of the dishes we prepared together with the Torres brothers in the event #NoMasDramasenlaCocina with Kitchen with Bra.

Lasagna bolognese. Italian tradition of old

This Bolognese lasagna is my favorite in my house. Made with its cooking time of bolognese but above all of the bechamel. What characterizes this pasta dish is that it is made from layers that alternate the filling with the paste. The lasagna can be filled with...

Sausage meat and onion sauce. Bangers and mash

This recipe for sausage meat and onion sauce is my version of the recipe and sausages with mashed potatoes that is eaten more in Great Britain, the bangers and mash are called "Bangers" because with heat, tripe sausages break blow (bang) when cooked unless that you click before cooking.

Pork chops cooked in a simmering Indian style

These pork chops cooked in a simmering hindu-style flying table whenever I prepare them. At home are lovers of the white layer pork, white pig of life, and I really like me prepare it because it is always juicy.

Chicken breasts in marinade. Aunt breasts nena

These chicken breasts in marinade are which are made in my house forever, but in particular this recipe has adopted it my Aunt nena each summer prepares it for us. Many years ago my cousin pigeon that he went to live in New York, and when it comes in summer is...

Homemade Chinese-style lemon chicken. Asia at your table

This lemon chicken Chinese style in addition to leading oranges, tastes like sweet and sour chicken of Chinese but much healthier restaurant and is one of the new recipes I did when suddenly I planted in my kitchen with many kilos of citrus.

Bagels of pulled pork with beer and my homemade barbecue sauce

These bagels of pulled pork with beer are a myth in visits from friends at home. It is not something that you can improvise, but something that becomes almost only with time and without haste. A simple and easy recipe with lots of flavor and that creates followers whenever I prepare it...

Veal with pasta Stroganoff (or Stroganov)

The Stroganoff is a recipe of veal cut into cubes or strips (as I prefer it), and accompanied with mushrooms, onions and a rich sauce that is made with cream or sour cream and

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