Zucchini canons with cheese and meat

These zucchini canelons stuffed with ricotta and meat are my child's favorite way to eat vegetables. These are rolls made with zucchini and stuffed with a mixture of Italian cheeses and sausage meat.

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Homemade nutella muffins perfect for afternoon tea

These homemade nutella muffins are the best way to have the house full of joy on Mondays (good the lune3s or at any time). I already brought you the recipe of homemade nutella a few months ago that you loved it and now I bring you this recipe to make the most of it.

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Cherries and gluten-free oat crumble

This cherry crumble recipe is one of my favorite harvestrecipes. When I have fruit that has become ugly this recipe is perfect for me. We talk about fruit but it is not bad but it is no longer showy, and it is less appetizing to eat because...

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Light burritos of turkey breast and guacamole

Today I bring you the recipe of burritos that you have been dreaming of. They are light, healthy and very rich and will serve you the same to take to the office as for lunch or dinner at home. You know that on weekdays I try to take care of myself and take care of mine, although that...

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Gluten-free Brownie. Easy recipe with chocolate everywhere

This gluten-free brownie recipes is dedicated to all of you, that you have intolerance to gluten, to those who feel you badly and that is why you have to deprive you of many things. Many times I write asking for recipes that you can take and this is dedicated to all of you.

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Where to eat in Rome. My favorite places

If you want to know where to eat in Rome, you are in the perfect place. One of the attractions of the Italian capital is the pleasure of eating at all hours, so I'm going to leave you my favorite places. those I would return to right now with my eyes closed.

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Candied cherry tomatoes. Bruschetta caprese

These candied cherry tomatoes I made this summer for Javi's birthday. They accompanied some piadins that I put on appetizers and they practically flew. They are sweet tomatoes, caramelized almost with oil, vinegar and sugar and that is perfect in...

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