Chicken and ham croquettes. Recipe step by step and simple

With these chicken and ham croquettes we celebrate today at home the day of the croquette. Is not that I pen tooth these days, but today I have babeado listening to a program on the radio with a special croquettes, and I, who thought that there were flavors Raritan croquettes, so far I have has that imagination takes the power of more than one when croquettes It concerns.

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Plums and coconut with crispy meringue cake. Louisse cake

This cake with plums and coconut with crispy meringue, has become one of which I do more this year with plums. You know that I love to cook with the season's vegetables and fruits. Take advantage of when fruits are at their best is a luxury that not everyone can enjoy. Us,

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Rice with Squid and scallops. Easy recipe for the perfect rice

Today we eat rice with Squid and zamburilas, a dish that reminds me of Galicia and which forms part of the Galician fish recipes. It's a recipe book in which we have participated Tere the Maria kitchenettes, Isabel de Frabisa and Raul Raul cuisine on the beach with rich recipes for everyone all ready co

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Shrimp Stuffed potatoes with tuna

These potatoes stuffed with prawns with tuna opened the recipes for this Christmas season. They are very easy to prepare but are especially delicious. They carry a filler that it serves you for filling potatoes than any other vegetables such as aubergines

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Cream of curried carrots and crispy bacon

This cream of curried carrots and crispy bacon is one of those creams when do it already you can not stop repeating it. It's funny how each much have eaten when it is small. In my house my mother passed it fatal to us eating vegetables, so when he had to Javi

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