Salads and vegetables

Crispy avocado rolls and prawns

This is the appetizer I'm proposing for this Christmas. Some crunchy rolls I've prepared with the avocados and prawns you'll triumph with at the table. It is a very simple recipe that you can prepare in advance, the only precaution that you have to...

Crispy potato cake with creamy ham and cheese filling

This crispy potato cake has become a favorite at home. It has all the crunch of the filo paste that is very easy to use.

I love the texture because it looks like it's a very fine puff pastry and very crisp but thinner than the puff pastry.

Roasted pumpkin cream with bacon and parmesan croutons

This roasted pumpkin cream with bacon and parmesan croutons tastes like autumn, to cold nights at home all together, knows that Christmas will soon come and with it the days of family and friends.

Artichoke velouté. Light cream of lactose-free vegetables

This artichoke velouté has been one of the culinary discoveries of our last trip to Paris. It is a soft cream of artichokes that does not carry dairy and that can be made gluten-free using rice flour that goes phenomenal for the creams because they...

Octopus and avocado tartare with gazpacho sauce

This octopus and avocado tartare with gazpacho sauce has become loleta's most sought-after dish this summer. In addition to being very easy to prepare it is very complete, rich and healthy and serves you for any meal or dinner. The secret is to...

Dried tomato and basil hummus. Italian Hummus

This hummus has entered the list of favorites of the aperitif at home and is that the hummus is perfect as a starter or as an accompaniment of salads. Even as an accompaniment to fish and meats, such as roast chicken, it is delicious. You can...

Stuffed zucchini moruna

I love these moruna stuffed zucchini. They come from some stuffed courgettes that were made in my house with tomato and that I decided to modify using the ras-el-hanout, pistachios and raisins, and a spicy touch with Sriracha. I assure you that if you follow the steps that I present in the recipe, you will find it perfect.

Crab tartare and avocado mousse cups

These crab and avocado cups are going to be my new recipe to introduce you to this summer season's fesquita recipes that we already have around the corner.

They are a fantastic choice to prepare in the form of crab tartare seasoned with an acidic touch, and a

Quesadillas with homemade tortillas.

Chicken quesadillas. That's what comes to mind when I think of a fast and uncomplicated dinner or meal, easy but rich and that I can adapt to all palates. They are the result of the live that we did yesterday on Instagram Irene de @come.vive.viaja and...

Zucchini and parmesan cream

Today we prepare a tasty cream of courgettes and parmesan that will become one of your favorites. This zucchini and parmesan cream is going to save me this week. When we thought that spring had arrived you are surprised by the cold this has come and...

Zucchini canons with cheese and meat

These zucchini canelons stuffed with ricotta and meat are my child's favorite way to eat vegetables. These are rolls made with zucchini and stuffed with a mixture of Italian cheeses and sausage meat.

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