Rice with Squid and scallops. Easy recipe for the perfect rice

Today we eat rice with Squid and zamburilas, a dish that reminds me of Galicia and which forms part of the Galician fish recipes. It's a recipe book in which we have participated Tere the Maria kitchenettes, Isabel de Frabisa and Raul Raul cuisine on the beach with rich recipes for everyone all ready co

Rice with meat and cheese Mexican. Rice Enchiladas

This rice to the Mexican with meat and cheese. you will bring the flavor of the chicken enchiladas... but in a frying pan and with rice! It is very simple to prepare and at the same time a different way of eating rice. You can do this only with vegetables, but with meat is so rich!

How to make beet risotto. Recipe with Michelin star

Today I teach you how to make this risotto with beets that you'll be surprised just as it did with me. The first time I took it was José Carlos García, in Malaga Michelin star chef's restaurant.

Genoese pesto risotto. Green love you green

We had been taking a walk on the pier one and seeing José Carlos García restaurant where we had eaten the day before. I was prepared to make pesto in the fridge

Supplì of Ragù risotto. Rice croquettes

Today I present a very Street dish, but Italian. They are called supplì and Rome are taken down the street. The Romans called it also telefonino, because when you open them in half, a cord is formed

Rice paella with codfish, cauliflower and broccoli

COD? product very captured and worked in the Baltic, and among other countries, in Sweden. To cook it, than better recipe than a good rice in traditional paella with cauliflower and a touch

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