When I go to Madrid I love take your gourmet shops. It is true that each time we have access to more and more products at local and international level, but it is also true that it is not always easy to find everything you'd like.

There are two shops in particular that I lose: are the Vazquez Greengrocer, at calle Ayala 11, along with Serrano and Gold Gourmetin Ortega y Gasset 85, becoming almost a corner with Francisco Silvela.

Vazquez and Gold Gourmet fruteria. The best of Madrid 1

Vazquez and Gold Gourmet fruteria. The best of all Madrid 2

Vazquez It is a classic of the greengrocer gourmet de Madrid. Founded more than 70 years ago always has a fresh products of unmatched quality: big cherries as strawberries, strawberries as large as oranges and oranges so great melons. Their fruits and vegetables are probably the very best that is sold in Spain.

They always have fruit and vegetables of season of the country and part of the foreigner. In the truffle season, it is of the few places in Spain that directly sell the white truffle and boasts a variety of mushrooms, worthy of the footballer David the GNOME. He has also all kinds of tropical fruits and purees of fruit pulp.

Gold Gourmet It is a delicatessen in every rule. Sell fish and seafood, meats of all kinds, fruits, unimaginable vegetables and vegetables, nuts, exotic fruits, all kinds, wines, sausages, canned mushrooms, cheese... become crazy and not know where look. To my has saved me on more than one occasion of an I want... and I have to find it.

Vazquez and Gold Gourmet fruteria. The best of all 3 Madrid

Vazquez and Gold Gourmet fruteria. The best of all 4 Madrid

The first time I went to Gold Gourmet, was on his way from a nearby restaurant with my friends. Suddenly I saw a very cute green sprout and I couldn't just stop me dry when I read the poster that accompanied:!Moonshine and Campions!.

Until that day, I thought that the nonsense were just nonsense, and campions were what my father gave my brother when he got bad grades. But it is not, that they are two outbreaks, very tasty, ideal to accompany salads, as well as being a very green and beautiful, plants that Yes, small. With the Campion are some delicious tortillas that surprised everyone.

Vazquez and Gold Gourmet fruteria. The best 5 Madrid

Thinking of researching new jams, I came to the memory, that fruit so much fun that he bought in London: the rhubarb.

To those who have seen them ever, I will tell you that view they are almost identical to the celery, but red strawberry. Its smell is fruity and the taste citric between grapefruit and lemon, but without being sour. It is one stem very color you would have at home in a vase if it wasn't for how complicated it is to find it.

I try to buy in season when I when I go to Madrid (so am I), and when I get the clean home and freeze it in small pieces, (like I do with the handles of the Axarquía when it comes his time), and thus can enjoy its rich jam throughout the year. Well, its rich jam... of gazpacho with strawberries... and cakes as succulent as today with ruibarbos and cardamom sugar. Are you coming with me to the kitchen to prepare it? Let's go!

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