Walking through Paris It is always a real luxury. Gives that same rain, because if there is a place where the rain is really wonderful, here it is. It is always more pleasant if good weather with us, but a grey day in autumn never deslucirá a walk through its streets. If you also have the chance visit when celebrated an important event, even better... Paris never disappoints and neither does its Latin quarter.

I remember fondly in my times of student, the celebration of the 100 years of the of the Eiffel Tower, when first lit it up from top to bottom, and the anniversary of the French revolution in the stunning gardens of Tuileries with theatrical re-creations of the storming of the Bastille, from the death of Antoinette María... also in the surrounding area of the Latin quarter.

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 1

Paris is huge, it has routes and worthy of a good book tours, there are thousands. I tell one of my favorite destinations by the French capital: El Barrio of Saint Germain des Présbetter known as the Barrio Latino (Quartier Latin), picturesque and touristy, but no less interesting.

We begin the journey in Concordia bridge, facing the the National Assembly (Metro Invalid or National Assembly) and in direction to l'Ille de la Cité and the Latin quarter, and next to the Seine will walk in search of the Musee D'Orsay, to me, certainly the most beautiful of the world. Not by the Majesty of its building, or by hosting the best works, but because I do not there are Museum with more daylight, more charming or more artistic variety to the d'Orsay. It is an old railway station restored, and as it is usual in Paris, the most charming thing you can imagine. Its restaurant is recommended, with book and buffet menu with affordable prices, something rare in Paris, an alternative to more expensive sites.

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 3

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 4

We continue our path and head to the heart of the Latin Quarter Rue de Bellechasse to find the Boulevard Saint-Germain, main artery of the neighborhood. Right in the corner between the two streets, you will find the Boulangerie Gosselin, Patisserie where you stay glued to the... impressive showcase. Follow the Boulevard until reaching the Rue de Baclong street littered with impressive bakery, gourmet stores and shops with an irresistible charm. If the stomach calls you, you also have another option to make a stop in La pâtisserie des rêves, where Philippe Conticini as its name suggests, all you can do reality dreams more candy. Their bakery is delicate, original, current, and of course very French (see this post)

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 6

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 7

We continue along the Rue du Bac up to my favorite stores of Paris: Le Bon Marchéwhich this year marks 160 years, and are like never before. Is located on the corner with the Rue de Sevres number 38 and is a must-see for lovers of Parisian chic. It has a dream stationery and a library of amazing kitchen but certainly the best hides it in in La Grande Epicerie: shop in gourmet, where you want to buy it all, if it wasn't for the prices that have... But even if you do not do it, is very much worth devoting awhile to sniff their products. Everything you imagine you'll see here, from the spices more strange to the thousand and one ways of buying of goose or duck liver. A delight for the senses.

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París

A stroll in the Latin quarter of Paris 8

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 9

We continue our tour of the Rue de Sevres and Rue du Four. At number 51 of this street is one of the stores with Parisian flavor: RepettoThe store of most beautiful dancers and the most expensive thing you can imagine. Even if just to take a look at the shoes, you must enter and succumb to their delicate dancers of many colors that will make you feel like a true Queen of ballet.

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 10

We follow the Rue du Four and when reaching the Rue Mabillon we turn to find the Rue Lobineau. In number 2 of this street, next to the market, we found the pastry Gerard Mulota shop deli more than recommended where you can eat sitting on their high tables. There are thousand kinds of sandwiches gourmet, savory tarts, quiches and delicious salads. The price is affordable and delicious food. You have also all sorts of unimaginable sweets... It was here where I tried the tuna quiche. Delicious, delicate and perfect for a starter or as a single dish.

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 11

From Rue Lobineau we arrive at the Rue Tournon and so we return to the great Boulevard Saint Germain. Typical picture of Paris, with the grandeur of its buildings, thousand stores and elegant cafes that play the role of shop windows where to see and be seen by Parisian society. You have a coffee in one of them is a luxury, since we can reach pay 7 euros for a coffee, but the feeling of sitting where historical and famous characters have done is unique.

One of the best known is the Cafe de Flore which has trained a good list of illustrious names as André Breton, Jean Paul Sartre, Truman Capote and other characters from the world of fashion, art and literature. Opposite the Armani Cafe, begins to make space in the heart of the Parisians

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 12

We continue our walk through the Rue Bonaparte where at number 21, we find the world Temple of macarons: La Dureé. In this direction his branch of the Latin quarter has the House of macarons. A shop always crowded, with queues of eager Japanese buy its famous sweets. Personally I prefer the shop of the Rue Royale, but if you are in Saint Germain, don't you miss you it.

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 13

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 13

La Duree is on the corner of Rue Jacob, you must take it to the Rue de Seine and then Rue de Bucienjoy these colorful streets full of shops and cafés, a luxury for the view. Walk to the end of Buci and you will run into with the fountain of Saint Michel, the Latin Quarter entrance door, take Quai des Grands Augustins and along the River, we see numerous posts from painters and collectors of old books that are in the Bank. Back we get a majestic view of the Cathedral of our Lady of Paris, Notre Dame de Paris. Get carried away by the magic of the most typical sights of the French capital... As Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca mythical phrase: "Il nous restera toujours Paris"

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 14

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 15

Un paseo por el Barrio Latino de París 16

We ended up here this... small little walk. "Now get to work with the""Quiche au ton", a simple and delicious recipe of salt, my version that I ate at Gerard Mulot. I hope you like it!.!

By the way, if you like the French recipes, I invite you to browse my selection of gourmet: Tartiflette with puff pastry, Monkfish en papillote, Blown queso y albahaca or the incredible Macarons.

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