So the children have feet on the ground, should have placed some responsibility on the shoulders

You know what I like to my markets and shops of the sites that I like to visit. You already have on the blog a few... and those who are: Greenmarket and Chelsea Market from New Yorkthe Spice Market from Estambul, the itinerant market of the Inle Lake in Burma, or of Shipyards in Malaga. When I speak of market I include in this the shops of village, the so-called gourmet, fairs and even the verges of roads if necessary, where we sometimes find vendors that offer directly their production and they do have to stop me inevitably to satisfy my curiosity and my desire to buy products from first of more direct hand of producer


When it is over a market that I know very well, the pleasure multiplies again, because I know what I will find there that me is not easy to buy elsewhere. And that is precisely what happens with market Centennial peace of Madrid. A place where you will find the highest quality. Whenever I go back there, looking for what's new, and it's always: Ruibarbos or artisan duck foie gras are some of my essentials.

The first time I went to the market one Saturday morning, the market was, with long queues at checkpoints and if you despistabas you a moment you do not have anything. Let me give you some recommendations: always stopped in the fishmongers from Jose Ramon Martin and the Central, where in addition to a Grand genre, my son is supply of live crayfish and has insisted that his father included them among the ingredients of the fumet of Sunday paella rice dishes. He came to become essential

Area meat surprised by the wide variety of stalls specialising in certain products: chicken, pork, veal, lamb, and hunting)The meat of Julián and carnage Lalo are my favorites) and one duck (Polleria Daniel Garcia), where you can find it fresh and cooked, in small or large portions can even find its not as common as the ostrich meat.


The other favorite because my son is definitely Our hamburguesa. This post is another line of business of more than known Raza Nostra the market of Chamartín. At one point, they decided to open separate stores specializing in fresh burgers that you get home and you prepare yourself as you like. Today, also have restaurants and corners throughout Spain where you can taste them, though to my I always liked to do them at home. They sell you bread brioche and even sauces. Iberian pork of Irish beef, of Galician beef there are 30 different kinds and with many dressings and different as Apple, pistachio nuts, paprika, curry and turmeric ingredients and premium beef... and up to Wagyu-Kobe, a pass going. They gave first and gave two times.

If you like cheese, in this market do not fail to visit La Boulette. A dairy where you can also find other products delicatessen foie gras and cold cuts of premium. Always approached me with an idea of what queiro buy, but then, so much variety to surrender to the adventure and term buying another new type.

My latest discovery: artisan of the Pasta, other delicatessen with sale of fresh pasta homemade which makes it completely unnecessary to go to a restaurant to eat good fresh pasta. You will also find: sauces, pasta from hard semolina and desserts.


Area fruits, vegetables and vegetables It also excites me and is a way to understand the varied that our agriculture is fantastic. You can find basically all fruits and vegetables that are produced in the country, which vary depending on the season, but there are also rare in Spain, such as the ruibarbos that I like so much or the French apples fruits and vegetables. Go in the fall is a luxury you will find all varieties of wild mushrooms, and truffle (markets which provide it fresh and weight is). Among all, it strikes me mightily as Mari Carmen. Here I am always all kinds of fruits and vegetables, where I bought the treasure that I bring you today. Some lentils Black (calls beluga due to their resemblance and price) super tasty with which you will enjoy the beautiful.

En vuestra next visit to Madrid include it in your diaries and gives you a turn, even even if your idea is not to buy... though I warn you, you can end up like me whenever I go, with the suitcase full of goodies on the way home. With the latest lentils that I bought I prepared some Belgian lentils with chorizo sausage and rice for chucparse fingers. Do you want them to try? Well, I invite you!

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