"That is too small is a big pride"

There is a place in Malaga where I a lot of times, a times almost every day and which have never taken much more than one paragraph, and is worth it with capital letters. It is of the Central Market, or market of Atarazanas, so today with great pleasure, we stayed close.

The Market ShipyardsCentral, Alfonso XII, or supplies is located in the same place where at the time Arab city was a workshop of ships. The main gate of the market is the door that was in the naval workshop and shields at the top of the arc, have made it possible to place it in the reign of the Nasrid King Mohamed V, and dated it between 1354 and 1391. Makes up the door a beautiful Horseshoe arch that is the entrance to a paradise of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Are you coming with me?

The market of Atarazanas Malaga 1

The market of Atarazanas Malaga 2

The original building of Joaquín de Rucoba, inspired by Les Halles of Paris, has the structure made in irondating back to 1885. Then it was necessary to have a market to supply a growing population and decided its construction. It was rehabilitated for the last time in 2010. Its interior is divided into three sections: the right dedicated to the meat, the fishing centre and left dedicated to vegetables.

The area meat We can find almost all types and cuts most demanded. There is also an important variety of shops of sausages, cheese and stalls where you can buy Herbs and spices I need, for example, in the preparation of meat. In their jobs we can find, in addition to our basic meats, loin in lard "ready to go" and pinchitos kebabs the same way with which our Arab ancestors did. They also have meat suitable for Muslims and Jews.

The market of Atarazanas Malaga 3

The market of Atarazanas Malaga 4

The section fish market It allows to easily identify what are the products most consumed by the people of Malaga... "We are what we eat"so that depending on the season: anchovies, red mullet, sardines, hake, Golden, thin shells, sea snails, clams, clams, mussels, prawns, crayfish and a long list of fresh fish and seafood fills all counters. They offer you, even clean and ready to cook... no excuses to take home the food of gods.

I'll tell you a little secret: aim Gonzalez Brotherswhere many restaurateurs make collection of their fish, including Armando Herranz, the restaurant Casa fruits, famed nationwide thanks to its extraordinary cuisine and the best potato salad served in our country... or the world! I here aprovisiono I make the soups and paellas of fish wallpaper.

The market of Atarazanas Malaga 5

The market of Atarazanas Malaga 6

But generating ideas certainly more colorful and striking of all is the part on the fruits and vegetables. A rainbow opens before us. For which we are accustomed, we don't appreciate it emphatically, but when you visit with foreign people, you can see how they are surprised by the number, variety and prices that have our local products. Lots of kinds of tomatoes, peppers and onions that delight any stoves.

My favorite position is to Ernesto. It is a stand located at the entrance to the vegetable section from fishmongers. They offer the widest variety of mushrooms fresh from the market, offering in addition red fruits throughout the year, Málaga, Huelva, fruits or... "where do I need." For me, I am the doorbell of the markets, because I visit them there where you go, is a spectacle of color and odor, and above all, taste buy is wasted where so much sympathy.

The market of Atarazanas Malaga 7

The best thing is that the market can enjoy varieties native, as our Avocados, chirimoyas and mangosso difficult to find in other places. Worth a visit allowing us to also discover new products brought from other regions and other countries.

The market of Atarazanas Malaga 8

Pressing in our hunger, we can always make a stop at the cafeteria of the market. Open after the 2010 remodeling offers guests and visitors the chance to taste our fried fish, vegetables and small snacks and tapas... who knows? Perhaps the seeds of a future market of tasting at the rate San Miguel.

The market of Atarazanas Malaga 9

By the way, if you walk these days by the Centre of Malaga, do not miss the exhibition organized on the occasion of the promotion of the so-called Malaga goat breed Diario Sur Oh My Goat!. Dozens of goats have been customised by famous painters for the occasion.

And after this step, they have me a tremendous sweet desire. A piece of the pie you want Brownie cake with coconut cream and chocolate mousse? It is delicious!

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