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Today we went to the market and we have well provisioned for this delicious rice in paella with the products of the sea that I bring you with new techniques of confit of oil taken from the magnificent book of Alberto Herráiz: Paella. My husband has come out with this rice. We test it? Let's go to the kitchen stoves!













  • 400 Gr. rice type senia (approx. 3 cups) €0.80
  • 6 prawns (I had them Sanlúcar) €9,00
  • 1 cuttlefish clean cut in dices €6.37 - 1 kg. Mussel €1,50
  • 2 tomatoes grated €0.16
  • 1 spring onion €0.30
  • Half a lemon €0.05
  • 4/5 garlic peeled, without threads and cut sliced €0.30
  • 1 nora chopped and seeded €0.10
  • 1 tablespoon sweet paprika from la Vera €0,20
  • 2 Bay leaves €0,05 - half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, and salt €0.80
  • Half a cup of shrimp oil take good note that this is a trick to those who like: I used this oil made at home for the first time. I put 30 minutes, a ladle of sunflower oil (the olive has too much flavor) with heads and shells of shrimps so that they confitaran at low temperature (3 out of 10), crushing the heads to which only the coral and the best juice in oil. This oil I served as the basis for cooking rice, and gave him one point more than flavor. Highly recommended €0,20
  • A few strands of Saffron €0.60
  • Broth or fish Fund: three times the volume of rice in this case, as 9 cups (I used the homemade broth with the cooking of mussels and some of the heads and shells of shrimps, this time but know that you always have, and recommend another option that also, power the taste, as it is the steaming mussels in Natural broth of Aneto.)

If you take the determination to make the hot at home, we will use the following ingredients (which already is valued and related in the above list):

  • -Half grated peeled tomato
  • -Kg. Mussel
  • -Heads and shells of shrimps
  • -A chorreoncito from the oil tank of EVOO
  • -A garlic chopped without threads
  • -Nora seeded chopped
  • -Half a lemon
  • -Laurel
  • -A little toasted saffron (some threads)
  • -A bit of paprika and a pinch of salt
  • - And the water that you preciséis (the volume you need, in this case, I put the pot nearly whole, because it reduces and what I left, I froze it and use it in other dishes)

Total for the paella: €23.93. Per person €5.98


Put to boil all the ingredients of the soup 20 minutes approximately begun with high heat with oil, garlic, nora without seeds, lemon and bay leaf. At 5 minutes, tomato, chives, heads and remains of the prawns, saffron, paprika and salt for five minutes, and then add raw mussels. Minutes later will cook and open the mussels. At that time you retiráis the fat and foam from broth, and subsequently bring the mussels. You apagáis fire and pass the stock through a strainer. It retains and reserves only liquid for the paella broth, discarding the rest of ingredients.

1. now we go with the preparation of paella itself. Let's go with the ingredients of the paella and some previous actions before. A few tips:

  • Measure the amounts of rice and broth and you it remote from the outset. You make not so nervous when measuring during the development. If you do not get senia rice, use type pump (I use D. O. Valencia)
  • -Remember to have the hot broth When it comes to pouring it into paella, give into the MIC last heatstroke.
  • -I advise you peel and chop all ingredients previously, and have them ready to cook before the start. Otherwise you estresarás you in the kitchen trying to do several things at the same time. You will gain time when cooking the paella.
  • -You try to prepare before oil prawns and seafood broth.

2 we started cooking: cut the garlic sliced, as always, taking care to clean off the strand, or heart (so avoid to repeat) and sprinkled a little salt for all the paella so the bottom does not burn.

3. Add olive oil we are left at the bottom of the pan with garlic and we light the fire of the barbecue to medium-low. We nivelamos the paella so that it is not geared towards any side. In my case, I have a pan of conventional gas from two fires, only I turn on the small center ring so that I Cook in the middle of the paella and I'm removing the perimeter ingredients already facts (without removing them from the paella). If the Pan that you have only have a ring of gas, can also do it, taking care to remove the ingredients once cooked.

4. once begin to be golden garlic, Sepia add chopped into small cubes. Season it and remove them for 5 to 7 minutes until it loses the whitish color. When it is ready, remove it to the perimeter.

5. Pour oil confit with prawns, pepper and grated tomato: FRY for 4 or 5 minutes, stirring continuously tomato and paprika that the latter won't burn

8. it is measured the volume of the 400 Gr. of rice in a cup (for example). In my case, occupy 3 cups (depends on the size of Cup you use). Therefore, triple the volume of rice, reserve broth for this paella, 9 cups, to finally go watering demand according to go seeing the firing of the rice while it is cooking. I put heat on the broth micro (2 min) at maximum power. It is very important that the broth is very hot when we add it to the paella, since otherwise it would break the rice cooking.

9. We incorporate all the rice and for 4/5 minutes stir constantly over medium heat. Frying thus, get a little "Brown" rice, Alicante style, which will help us to give final ease.

10 then light ring big barbecue (outdoor) over high heat and also climbed the center ring. All the full stock are about 9 cups, so that with the hot broth, We first add to paella only 2/3 parts (6 of 9 cups) of the same, alike and mix together with other ingredients. The full stock triples just the volume of rice. We leave the other 3 cups to then demand, we reguemos with more broth to achieve the fluency of rice (will keep you warm and reserved). Stir well with slotted spoon to make it all matched. Add the Saffron threads remaining chips, tasted of salt, and add a bit more if necessary, taking into account that the broth of rice must be tasty generously, since it loses some salt in the absorption of liquid that makes the grain.

11 and proceed with the rice cooking: We are going to bring to boiling stock and that the maximum of flavor is in the grain. We let the two fires (the outer and the inner ring) to the maximum for approx. 10 minutestaking care of the fire spread by all the paella evenly. Stay tuned because the broth boil and will appear many pompitas across the surface. We are watering with 3 extra cups last about 5-7 minutes where we see that you becoming failure so that the rice is not without broth anywhere (keep in mind that the paella with concave and the Center always accumulates more amount of rice which the perimeter that the layer is of an only grain).

12 after the first 10 minutes, We will reduce the fire to medium low, and will thus keep it approximately 7 min. The end will coincide when it is very little broth into paella, and at this time will have evaporated virtually everything. The firing of the grain, we tested if it is tender on the outside and somewhat whole inside, is the time. If not, water a tad more to the driest areas distributing it equally. This makes a little stock still in the paella dish by evaporation to the next step.

13 we deal equally the prawns by the surface of the paella. Only with a mild heat stroke will they cook and will not be last.

14 we will proceed to cover the paella with aluminum foil (we turn it into a furnace). So when the grain is ready (whole inside and tender on the outside), and gets the fire back to high a couple of minutes for evaporation, to take effect. The couple of minutes shuts off the fire, leave aluminum foil about 3 minutes, the rice to rest for at least 5/7 minutes and finish cooking. When we remove the aluminum foil, we deal mussels already cooked by the surface of the paella.

15 stir paella completely before serving, and the rice in the dish will get homogeneous texture, since never become equally grains from the Center to the perimeter. We ended up with a delicious rice and sailor in a thin layer of rice. The rice is ready to be served... Bon appétit!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Get all the ingredients previously prepared, peeled and cut. Can save you lot of time
  • If you don't have senia rice, but you have pump, fastening a little the amount of broth to incorporate in the paella (as something more than two parties and room)
  • So the paella rice is not sticky, you must be cautious with the times and the amount of broth. When it gets sticky, unless it is intentional, it seems to be poorly finished
  • Prawn oil: use this oil made at home should bring flavor. I put 30 minutes, a ladle of sunflower oil (the olive has too much flavor) with heads and shells of shrimps so that they confitaran at low temperature (3 out of 10), crushing the heads to which only the coral and the best juice in oil
  • If you spare you some broth, you not paper it, CRAN it and take it to the next fish paella that you go to c ocinar. It is a succulent and convincing
  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Preparation time: 45 min. (Broth aside 30 min.)
  • Seating: 4 persons
  • Let's this paella rice pair with a singular wine of the Sierras de Málaga. It is the Muscat of Alexandria Botani Espumoso (Sparkling Muscat). The commitment of the Bodegas Jorge Ordoñez to respond to the original Moscato in the area north of Italy. Very appropriate for seafood, and good price €11.50

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