"There are certain things that to make them well is not enough to have learned"

Technique for cooking rice type Valencia

After many paella which ended up cooking the rice constantly testing and with much insecurity, in one of the courses of the still, learned of the Master Berlangaa technique easily and reliably that the paella rice is over right in your point, or whole or past, but above all, loose. It is applicable to all types of paella and all cooking techniques, perhaps not out perfect the first but you must practice it to strengthen you with it, and you see their effectiveness and ease at the time of your application. In this way, surely will find you great paella and you triunfaréis on the table. That Yes, will achieve the completion of the rice to the Valencia typei.e., not with socarrat (Alicante). To do so in this second way, apart that the bottom of the paella should be more fatty, would have to maintain heat in the fire alive and high for longer, but it is not a matter of this technique, but you can try it as you go to releasing you.

The cooking of rice "Technique Berlanga"

1st step. High heat 5 minutes

Pour the hot broth (just the bomba rice twice) and it snaps together with the other ingredients. We tried salt, and add a bit more if necessary, taking into account that rice broth must be tasty, since it loses some salt in the absorption of liquid that makes the grain. Leave it a 1000W heat for approx. 5/7 minutes, taking care that fire to spread by all the paella evenly. If necessary, moves the paella to distribute well fire homogeneously

Step 2: fire under 10 minutes

After the first 5/7 min. approx. will reduce the fire below, and will keep you about 10/12 min. Once the broth has boiled almost in full, evaporating the liquid and appearing to view rice, will be testing the firing of the grain. If we look at that grain is still very hard in the Center and the perimeter of the paella, we will add more broth, watering alike so he doesn't lack liquid and finish cooking (medium or a cup more, depending on the cooking)

Step 3: last irrigation and 2 minutes over high heat

When almost all of the broth has been consumed, to try the rice until the grain out is done but inside still remain whole (interior only). At that moment is sprinkled with half cup of broth that we still distributing it equally, this makes sure there is liquid in the paella.

Step 4: covered it with foil aluminium, and the last 5 minutes of rest

We cover the paella with aluminum foil, and fire gets back to medium-high a few minutes so that the evaporation of the last irrigation effect (with the stuffy paella). We get inside the paella convection and just cooking at the top and at the bottom. The couple of minutes shuts off the fire (if you wish to get a rice stuck to the socarrat type, should be the high heat a minute more) and leaving aluminum foil, which rice to rest for at least 5/7 minutes and finish cooking. Finally, to test the grain, leaving it to stand for something more if necessary, and rice ready to serve.


The entire process lasts around 22 minutes: 17/19 for cooking with fire (5/7 minutes over high heat, 10/12 minutes bass and 2 strong) and 5/7 rest, but it is not dogma, depends on many factors: type of rice (in this case pump), water, fire, altitude, etc., by what must be tested to measure grain that cooked to ensure times. It is very important to try and practice often to get the ease of technique, i.e., gain confidence and lose your temper. Do not despair, it very much deserves punishment and insurance that does not fail.

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