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Rice with cuttlefish Loleta 4

Recipe choco rice in paella in Spanish

The summer It's gone, so no more... and him singing Invisible dance: "...The end of summer is always sad... ", but for those who are of the" on, summer lasts us a little more, until the famous Indian summer of San Miguelnot before. But unfortunately this year has been a stormy and unhappy end.

But I suggest you do a memory exercise to return a smile, that much is missing for the following: with that moment you quedaríais this summer? What has done it special, different from?. Take advantage of and with this last recipe we say goodbye until the coming year! (although this) paella is timeless)

I'll start: I'm with the visit home to my Friends Dani and Silvia to Mazagon. We had a great, moreover, her kitchen great and we ate death, are authentic hosts... luxury!. After several routes by Huelva and surroundings, passing through El Rocío, Almonte, and sticks (to see the caravels), decided to give us a small tribute to one of the most typical products from there: the choco. So we got ourselves down to the work and we realized a getaway to the market of the Carmen of the capital in search of the ingredients for the rice paella.

The choco in Huelva is a delight, the squid-like cephalopod family, but would add that those who take had much more flavor. The night before test it fried and delicious in the Restaurante Las Dunas in Mazagón, where you eat well and very comfortable. On the market sold thousands, if you arrive from the past you can't find material... are depleted!. It caught my attention that even have one machine automatic cleaning. Cool.

Because Yes, I'm with those moments of chat, with laughter, good food and the beautiful moments spent around the terrace... not we went to the beach!. If it is in the end the things simple are as better. So, what is your best time of the summer...

This paella was delicious. You can not let it pass, it does not need to be neither summer nor fall for them. Nothing you have possibility to buy choco or sepia failing, not think it... Winning recipe!

PS: This has been one which I submitted to the contest of wines Aneto... to see if we are lucky!. What do you think?

  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Preparation time: 45 min.
  • Seating: 4 persons


  • -400 Gr. senia D. O. Valencia rice (approx. 4 cups) €0.80
  • -2 clean cuttlefish and sliced into small cubes €18,00
  • -The heads and shells of 250 gr. prawns €1.91
  • -3 crabs €0,80
  • -2 tomatoes grated €0.16
  • -2 carrots, cut into very small cubes €0.10
  • -1 leek, cut very fine €0.72
  • -1 Zucchini, cut into very small dices €0.25
  • -2 garlic cloves, peeled, without threads and cut sliced €0.15
  • -1 spoonful of sweet paprika €0,20
  • -Extra virgin olive oil (as a glass, half first and then little by little), and salt €1,90
  • -A few strands of Saffron €0.60
  • Seafood soup with fried Aneto hot: three times the volume of rice in this case, as 9 cups. It will be approximately as a litre and half €9.85. The broth I added crushed crabs and shrimp heads as it heated up. Then I sneaked it and booked it.

Total for the paella with the broth mixed Aneto: €35,44. For Diner, €8,86. A sumptuous rice, a delicious dish.

Note: I prepared paella for more people, so we have provided the amounts


  • -Paella of inside diameter 50 cm (for a thin layer of rice, baking much better).
  • -Cylinder of butane gas barbecue (fire)
  • -Saucepan or pot for the broth and cooking of mussels
  • -Microwave or hob to heat the broth
  • -Mortar or blender and strainer
  • -Slotted spoon, chopping, boards aluminium foil, various containers, etc.


I propose a different wine Botany, of Sierras de Málaga. It is white wine from header in Chamomile, Dani García. Its taste is fruity and a looming Muscat carrying inside. Rich and innovative. Its price, €13.25


1. first we go with paella ingredients and some previous actions before. A few tips:

  • Measure the amounts of rice and broth and you it remote from the outset. You make not so nervous when measuring during the development. If you do not get senia rice, use type D. O. Valencia pump
  • -Remember to have the hot broth When it comes to pouring it into paella, you can heat it to the principle in the micro and before pouring into the paella, you give it a last heat stroke.
  • -I advise you peel and chop all ingredients previously, and have them ready to cook before the start. Otherwise you estresarás you in the kitchen trying to do several things at the same time. You will gain time when cooking the paella.

2 we started cooking: cut the garlic sliced, as always, taking care to clean off the strand, or heart (so avoid to repeat) and sprinkled a little salt for all the paella so the bottom does not burn.

3. Add olive oil the bottom of the pan with garlic and we light the fire of the barbecue to medium-low. We nivelamos the paella so that it is not geared towards any side. In my case, I have a pan of conventional gas from two fires, only I turn on the small center ring so that I Cook in the middle of the paella and I'm removing the perimeter ingredients already facts (without removing them from the paella). If the Pan that you have only have a ring of gas, can also do it, taking care to remove the ingredients once made.

4. once begin to be golden garlic, got the fire to medium-high and Add choco. Season it and remove them for 4 or 5 minutes. When cooked, we withdrew to the perimeter of the paella so keep it not being made (or directly away until later).

5 start with vegetables, first with the zucchini and sauteed for about 5 minutes over medium heat with a bit of oil. Once cooked, remove to the perimeter. Do the same with the carrot (5 min.), and finally the leek (3 min.). We are going away everything to the edge.

6. Pour the contents of the grated tomato: Heat it for a few minutes over medium heat so you Saute.

7. it is measured the volume of the 400 Gr. of rice in a cup (for example). In my case, occupy 3 cups (depends on the size of Cup you use). Therefore, I reserve broth with fried, this paella, 9 cups, three times the volume of rice, to finally go to demand watering as go watching the firing of the rice while it is cooking. I put heat on the broth micro (2 min) at maximum power. It is very important that the broth is very hot when we add it to the paella, since otherwise it would break the rice cooking.

8. We incorporate all the rice with a bit of oil, the strands of Saffron and cumin, and for 4/5 minutes stir constantly over medium heat. Browning it well, we got a little "Brown" rice, which will help us to give final ease.

9 then turn ring big barbecue (outdoor) over high heat and also climbed the center ring. All the full stock are about 9 cups, so that with the hot broth, We first add to paella only 2/3 parts (6 of 9 cups) of the same, alike and mix together with other ingredients. The full stock triples just the volume of rice. We leave the other 3 cups to then demand, we reguemos with more broth to achieve the fluency of rice (will keep you warm and reserved). Stir well with slotted spoon to make it all matched. We tried salt, and add a bit more if necessary, taking into account that the broth of rice must be tasty generously, since it loses some salt in the absorption of liquid that makes the grain.

10 and proceed with the rice cooking: We are going to bring to a boil the stock and that the maximum of flavor is in the grain. We let the two fires (the outer and the inner ring) to the maximum for approx. 10 minutestaking care of the fire spread by all the paella evenly. Stay tuned because the broth boil and will appear many pompitas across the surface. We are watering with 3 extra cups last about 5-7 minutes where we see that you becoming failure so that the rice is not without broth anywhere (keep in mind that the paella with concave and the Center always accumulates more amount of rice which the perimeter that the layer is of an only grain).

11 after the first 10 minutes, We will reduce the fire to medium low, and will thus keep it approximately 7 min. The end will coincide when it is very little broth into paella, and at this time will have evaporated virtually everything. The firing of the grain, we tested if it is tender on the outside and somewhat whole inside, is the time. If not, water a tad more to the driest areas distributing it equally. This makes a little stock still in the paella dish by evaporation to the next step.

12 will proceed to Cover the paella with aluminum foil (we turn it into a furnace). So when the grain is ready (whole inside and tender on the outside), and gets the fire back to high a couple of minutes for evaporation, to take effect. The couple of minutes shuts off the fire, and let the aluminum foil, which rice to rest for at least 5/7 minutes and finish cooking.

Rice with cuttlefish Loleta 4

13 stir paella completely before serving, and the rice in the dish will get homogeneous texture, since never become equally grains from the Center to the perimeter.

14 ready!. We ended up with a simple but very tasty rice in a large paella to make thin layer of rice. Once rested, the rice is ready to be served... to the table!

I leave the video of the step of the recipe for the rice sequences:

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