"The moment chosen by chance is worth always the moment chosen by oneself"

(This recipe is from March 20, 2013 but I have updated the photos for you after today's live with my friend Silvia of the blog Megasilvita in which she publishes sweet recetones to hallucinate.)

Becomes one of the times of the year that I like. The streets smell to incense and orange blossomYou can no longer be jerseys the winter because the sun warms up more each day, evenings are longer and despite the itchy eyes and sneezing, all have better moods. The spring is just around the corner and with it the Semana Santa.

Malaga It is perhaps a site that combines perfectly the awakening of spring by joining the first days of beach and processions, one of my favorite traditions. Since very small, catching the arm of my mother, that not blew or to shooting, I went to see how the thrones they walked through the streets of the Centre, and although I flee increasingly from the crowds, I cannot resist me (now that also carry my son) to go down every afternoon to enjoy the brotherhoods.

We all have places and corners Preferred to see the thrones, and each one of them that is unique as it is lived, but my there are several never cease to amaze me year after year, and that together with some compulsory stops these days to regain strength, made of the Holy week, one of the moments that I hope with more enthusiasm. Because Malaga's Holy week is simply as well... seductive.

Certainly that can enjoy a balcony inside the official travel of the processions, especially in the street more elegant Malaga, street Larioshas a treasure, and although you not palpas the atmosphere of bustle, is undoubtedly a luxury to enjoy of a Thursday Holy with friends and family from this perspective. And I focus on Thursday, because to be festive and more pull, always is good solution take shelter on a balcony: la Sagrada Dinner, Ore with his loneliness, the Zamarrilla, our Lady of the Hope with its Nazareno del Paso... but above all, people spiraling for the parade of the Legion that accompanies the Christ of the Good Death. For the rest of day, prefiero perderme streets, find departures, closures and bends of the processions.

From Palm Sunday in the Alameda Principal filled with kids and palms Pollinica, to the tour which makes the brotherhood of the Punishment by Street San Agustín with the Museum in the background, or the passage of the Servite the street Wells sweets, or crossing the Plaza de la Merced of Judgment with the Rescue making every Tuesday that square becomes a hive of people, or, finally, the impressive throne of the Pigeon leaving the Plaza de San Francisco. And many more... There are plenty in each. But of all of them, for many reasons, I stay with the Expiry back into the Plaza del Obispo with the Cathedral in the background it stamping... only our Easter.

Are moments only every year they live in a different way, and that make me happy above all, when I share them with mine, as the of the Captive in the Mass of the Dawn, or the transfer of the Legion, or the stations of penance in the interior of the Cathedral or output Students and Tomb in street Alcazabilla… You have a lot of times and places people enjoy, that if, when heaven have mercy on our desire to see Thrones and apart from spring clouds. So don't miss any, I leave the link to the official route of the Association of Guilds of Easter (the oldest of Spain), click HERE and look at the routes of the different guilds and brotherhoods.

These are days of exploited sun. Morning in which all the Center smells to incense. Morning of children picking up their hoods, white gloves and black socks shopping. Of the first rides by the beach and enjoy the port. Of cod Friday, of chickpeas with spinach, lemons cascarúos and meals of the vigil ending to give way to the resurrection. An era that haunted, full of traditions that remind me why master both this city, and every year I try to enjoy again.

I leave to the end my best memory: in my grandmother's House the Good Friday is snacking oil and gas with chocolate. All... the taitantos of the familyWe were going through your home that afternoon to stuffing crumbs with chocolate after the trades. Whenever it comes to mind that image, I feel again the childhood and with it, a good smile.

The Palm Sunday is opened with a traditional torrijas After seeing the Pollinica. Many love and not always repeat the same. It is a typical dessert that has thousands of ways to prepare, although they say that the most traditional are the sugar and honey. Today I bring you some of the custard. The preparation is simple and traditional, but with a twist that makes them extremely soft, creamy and delicious. I hope you like them. Gift, all my places... Tell me which are yours.

Let's go to the kitchen which already sound the drums!




  • 1 type bread brioche or bread for French toast or bread bar
  • 130 gr sugar
  • 6 (or 3 whole eggs) egg yolks
  • 600 ml of milk
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • the skin of an orange
  • 1 egg to pass through egg
  • mild olive oil for frying
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar to rub
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon


1. the first thing we will do will be custard. If we have a Thermomix, we combine all the ingredients in the beaker and programmed 8 minutes at 90 ° to speed 4.

2. If not have Thermomix, them will do manually. In a saucepan put to heat the milk with the vanilla and sugar.

3 Add yolks shakes (or whole eggs), vanilla and orange peel. We beat with the help of a few rods until everything is well mixed.

4 put the saucepan heat half and beat. Then mix will be with a layer of foam on top.

5 Cook over low heat. It is important not to move the rods to prevent sticking and to avoid boiling. If they come to a boil, it is very easy that custard is cut. (When they cut off would have to add a little cold milk and beat with a mixer).

6. the custard will be ready when the layer of foam disappears and the custard has thickened a bit. Not interested in adding cornstarch because in that case the custard espesarían too.

7. once the custard ready, place the slices of bread side by side on a large dish (I use the oven plate). We will cover the slices with custard and leave to rest about half an hour, until the custard has cooled. We can also leave them overnight

8. in a large skillet put to heat the oil over medium heat.

9 prepare a plate with absorbent paper, where we will be placing the toast once fried.

10. prepare a bowl with the 5 tablespoons of sugar and the tablespoon of ground cinnamon. Mix well and set aside.

11. once the toast are at room temperature, proceed through each slice of bread with egg beaten with the help of a fork and a spoon.

12 drain a little egg, is fried in oil hot until they are golden on both sides. To do this, it will be necessary to turn them over. Drain the oil with the help of absorbent paper.

13 through the sugar mixed with cinnamon and place on a serving platter.

Tips and tricks:

  • Only one. Fail them not just for Easter. Encourages you to do them at other times of the year, you'll.
  • You can use cinnamon instead of Orange skin
  • Preparation time: 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Servings: 14

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