Today come with a plate of Pasta with confit of duck and white truffle from those of "because I deserve it", and don't tell me that it's a wonder the result. And although somewhat different, we can use its ingredients, with imagination and frequency, because growing much more than it seems and already put it us easy to buy them.

Thanks to Mundisa I have been able to get hold of these candied duck thighs (duck confit) and this white truffle paste (tartufata Bianca), which unlike many of the ones you will find on the market that carry nothing but artificial aroma of white truffle, this one from Mundisa carries 8% white truffle in addition to cheese, cream and extra virgin olive oil (all natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial colors).

Just open the pot, my kitchen is flooded with white truffle unmistakable aroma and my son comes running asking "mama today what we eat smelling as well?". And it is this recipe of Pasta with confit of duck and white truffle will make your mouth water nothing more than start preparing it.

But besides being a super recipe, this Pasta with duck confit and white truffle comes with surprise, and you can also earn a fantastic box of products, a batch Dauphin which you celebrate a very special day in your kitchen, make rich recipes and enjoy them with who you want. Mundisa is responsible of send you it to your House directly and your only have that occupy you's enjoy of it. Is is of a lot of products of the brand gourmet French Comtesse du Barry and that includes:

  • Duck foie gras whole 140 g
  • Mango chutney to 45 g Sichuan Pepper
  • 9 chocolates to the peppers of espelette - michel cluizel 95 g
  • Tariquet Dernières white grives moelleux 75 cl

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In addition, from today and until the end of the draw, you could enjoy a discount code of 15% on all your purchases at Mundisa simply by using the code LOLETAMUNDISA. It is fantastic! I've already stopped search and find good products at best prices for Mundisa brings them to me without leaving the couch. Rich and very comfortable option. And now we are going with our recipe for Pasta with confit of duck and white truffle.

Pasta with duck confit and white truffle. Draw 7-1 Mundisa

Pasta with duck confit and white truffle. Draw 3 Mundisa

Pasta with duck confit and white truffle. Mundisa 1-1 draw

Pasta with duck confit and white truffle. Draw Mundisa 2-1

Pasta with duck confit and white truffle. Draw 9-1 Mundisa


  • 500 g of fresh pasta recipe here
  • 3 confits of duck Mundisa
  • 1 jar of tartufata white Mundisa
  • 90 g grated reggiano Parmesan cheese
  • 150 ml double cream (optional)
  • 150 g of fresh mushrooms (you can use which you like most but I prefer mushrooms so they not remaining duck flavorful and accompany the truffle)


1 we started our recipe of Pasta with confit of duck and white truffle sauce. Whenever we do pasta, it is much better to make the sauce first and cook the pasta when the sauce is ready, so we can take your point. So please mark the thighs of the duck until the fat is released from the thighs in skillet. Then clean the thighs of the duck fat and skins.

2. remove the fat excess of the skillet and sauté them mushrooms chopped in a tablespoon of the pasta of truffle white (Tartufata white). When the mushrooms are ready, add the shredded duck and cream if you want a more creamy sauce. Book out of the heat.

3. now cook fresh pasta. It is important to add salt to the water to cook the pasta. About 10 g of salt per liter of water so we don't then have to add salt. When the pasta is cooked with enough salt, you become much more rich than if we add salt after boiled, and of course do not add oil to boil it.

4. Add pasta when water is boiling and have only a few minutes to leave it to the date (if we use as a fresh pasta or hard semolina pasta, always let it cook a couple of minutes which puts less than the package, so we can finish it with the heat from the Pan without fear that we pass). It is important to saute the paste nothing more Cook and of course do not rinse it since doing the paste loses all of its flavor. If we worked ourselves fresh pasta at home, we would like that our toothpaste retain full flavour, so nothing to wash it. When the pasta is ready drain it and add it to the frying pan where we have the sauce.

5 sauté the Pasta with confit of duck and white truffles a couple of minutes over medium heat, rectifying salt if necessary and adding a little ground black pepper. Finish with a few leaves of fresh Sage and buon appetito!.

Tips and Tricks

  • If ever we are obliged to cook pasta with time before taking it, it is better to let it spread to avoid having to rinse and lose all their flavor
  • It is accompanied by freshly grated Parmesan-reggiano
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Preparation time: 10 minutes if you already have made pasta
  • Servings: 4

The winner of the contest is:

Carolina Sacristan Garcia

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