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Recipe for fresh egg pasta

Today we pasta… ¡Venice It is now!. Is in full celebration of the Biennial of culture, and therefore the Show de Cine, so I thought, what best choice of recipe that make pasta?. A few months ago, I was at a workshop of the Still where the simpatiquisima Cook Florio Gabriela showed us some of the secrets of the pasta and that must take advantage of it. She comes from the South of Italy and shared with us varieties of dishes that had ever seen: a Cook lasagna Neapolitan ragu and fried Parmesan meatballs or pizza montanara, prepare pizzetas (as tiny pizzas) aperitif, in short, cover a wide range of dishes of pasta which helped me to continue to learn about one of the cuisines that fascinates me. Proof of this are already published Italian recipes that you can see HERE

Of Venice I have already spoken on occasion, but never get tired. Remember also that now the city is prepared to serve as a showcase for the celebration of the biennial through thousands of flashes that now dominate it. Along with Carnival, the Mostra complete two more internationally known events in the capital of the Veneto region.

Do want to take a walk through it Grand Canal?. It is inescapable. You can not you go there without having done a romantic route by boat or gondola. I bet the first boat, because I wanted to use it to discover other places. I leave the canal tour, think that they are 4 km away and there are hundreds of interesting buildings and surely more than one missing, but also it is not less true that those who are, you will like. The Grand Canal, despite its length and have only 4 bridges, it is a delight to explore it, and in addition the boat gives you the magical flavor of the last century.

Imagine if we both like the pasta, which recently, at home with a few good friends, organize "other" form live Italy, bringing the transalpine country home... We divagábamos Italian restaurant go this summer all together, and how not? appeared the crisis of through... so we came up with a brilliant idea, which I recommend to put it into practice: "ride" Italian restaurant at home, so the kindness that my friends characterizes them, made it available for a dinner to which baptized with the suggestive name of "La Dolce Vita". We deal ourselves tasks and organize menu: invitations, dinner, Italian music and details. Only had a purpose: that evoke an Italian night in... Portofino, Capri and Venice, for example. It was funny because we also force us to go dressed elegant and distinguished, according to the occasion. A success and more economic.

Sometimes things just have to give them routine a little return so they are different, and we will we will convert a dinner more among friends, in an imaginary journey, a pleasant evening anywhere that takes us the mind. You just have to put effort and affection, not missed detail: appetizers and dishes were incredible, bright decor, music carried us, the perfect companion,... had to Bellini and a magnificent Corner Gin cocktails... What delight!.

And in one of the dishes I wanted to stop me: fettuccine with truffles, made of fresh pasta, which my friend Carmen in exemplary way cooked. I encourage you to put into practice this resource and make the paste at home for several reasons: first, because it is richer than that it sold in supermarkets, you will see; Secondly, because it entertains children and adults in the kitchen (don't have much elaboration, it is very easy, but if you have to spend time) and third, because it requires very few ingredients and ends up being very cheap, very appropriate for the times that run.

Have you tried to make pasta at home? You urge me to do it?. Come on!, you'll. In this case also, finished with tomato sauce from my Neapolitan ragout

    • Level of difficulty: easy
    • Preparation time: with Thermomix 40 min. / Hand 90 min.
    • Guests: 5 people


  • 500 gr of durum wheat, 100 g per person (it can also be done with normal flour, in fact, I used wheat flour, but with semolina flour comes out amazing. This type of flour is found in gourmet shops and stores specializing in Italian cuisine) €1.04
  • 5 eggs €0.63
  • A pinch of salt €0.05
  • A tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil €0.15
Total for 5 people: €1.87, representing 0, €38 per person. Keep in mind that it is only the fettuccine pasta. The sauce is separate.


  • A thermomix or pan mixer kneading, but the hands will be used to knead
  • A machine for kneading and cut pasta. There are two types of machines: a short pasta rigatones, fusilli, penne, macaroni, etc and other long pasta: linguine, spaghetti, fettuccine, etc. Long pasta using the brand Imperia, and for short pasta, Regina.
  • If you don't have machines, you'll have to use your hands, knife and cutting board, but it can be done without any problem, which only spreads less and more appetizing.
  • A table in wood, roller knife
  • A pan to boil the pasta


How about a Matarromera Crianza from 2006?. It is a good Bank100% tempranillo grapes and not very bad price, round the US $15.75. Pasta is very appropriate, very violet and spiced. Very rich.


1. manually: In the center of the table, wiping it previously, and with space around, place Crown-shaped semolina or flour. In the Middle put the eggs, oil and a pinch of salt. Go through the flour slowly to the Center mixed with eggs. You do not do it suddenly, we must not add more flour until you have added that is not well mixed with the eggs. It concludes 15 or 20 minutes, when the mixture has consistency and some toughness.

If we do so with a Thermomix, put all the ingredients in the bowl and knead for two-minute mode pin (much easier)

If we do it in a blender with Pan kneading (is like a rod only a little twisted), put all the ingredients in the bowl and knead until well incorporated. When you will get the consistent mass and something hard texture, ends.

2. let stand for a few minutes.

3. If you have a pasta machine, take a small ball of dough. It crushed with hands slightly, and begins to pass through the cylinders of the machine (see machine instructions). In each pass should go modifying the pass of the crank and sprinkle them a little flour so that it does not adhere, and thus the iron where transfer is increasingly finer. When you have reached the desired thickness, put the cutting of pasta attachment and cutting, in this case the fettuccine. Place the fettuccine on a tray sprinkled with flour.

Manually: If do not have machine. Take a piece of pasta, a little smaller than a tennis ball. Place it on a surface floured table, and with the help of a roll sprinkled with flour, go flattening the dough, until it is a sheet of dough very thin. Wrap it with help of hands forming a curler, and using a knife, cut pieces of half-centimeter wide. Carefully unroll each piece, one by one, thus we will obtain our ribbons or fettuccine. We can cut the sticks to the width that we like. Place the fettuccine on a tray sprinkled with flour. As you can see this way is much slower because you have to go cutting each fettuccine.

4. to cook the pasta in all cases, boil a saucepan with water over high heat. When the water is boiling add the pasta, small amount each time. The paste will sink slightly and will be ready when it rises to the surface. Strain the pasta to drain water and serve with the sauce chosen. The ideal is to boil the pasta just when you go to eat, but if you could not do it, then the best thing is to pass the pasta under cold water to stop the cooking and which do not pass. The pasta should eat to the Dente, i.e. cooked but firm enough so that it is nice to eat.

5. Add your favorite sauce: I gave the sauce of the Neapolitan ragout did the day before, with a little chopped fresh basil and was licking the fingers... and to provide: Bella Italy!

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