Nothing can like me more than these cookies of olive oil with yuzu with cardamom and vanilla sitting on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book listening to music. They are those moments that return me the smile to the face.

The house smelling to Christmas, to cookies in the oven and my son putting the Bethlehem with his father. This weekend the first already, which will use to put the Nativity scene, the tree and put Christmas in ON mode.

I've already done several recipes of cookies, here in and blogs to collaborate, but never had brought you them these olive oil shortcakes with yuzu with cardamom and vanilla being the favorite at home.

It is true that the texture changes, but the flavor too, much more fine and that makes the lactose intolerant can take them without fear.

I have already told several times that this oil of yuzu's O-med I seems of it more versatile that I have in my kitchen and it itself it use for a of , that for some cupcakes, a mayonnaise or a salad. Its flavor is very subtle and can use it for almost everything.

And in recipes like this today's shortcakes with yuzu with cardamom and vanilla olive oil, is the most. Gives a taste and an aroma delicate that surprises to everyone. Attached to the cardamom and to the vanilla, is Gets a flavor delicate ones mantecados with aroma different that is has become in one forced in house in this time, and without which my father not me opens the door of his house coming these dates.

So it said, I hope that you animéis to prepare them but care are addictive! and you have to repeat and repeat.












  • 150 grams of with O-med Yuzu olive oil
  • 300 g flour
  • 90 g of almonds slivered
  • 105 g of ground almonds
  • 15 g of Sesame
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla powder
  • 170 g of icing sugar (and a little more for sprinkling)
  • 1 / 3 teaspoon of cardamom ground

Leave ones 25 mantecados according to the thickness that you want give


1 it first that we have to do is toasting the flour. We can do it in frying pan or in the oven

In large skillet place to toast the flour at medium high heat moving steadily with a tablespoon of stick until the flour has a tan color. Go to a bowl large and book.

If we want to do it in honour, spread flour on a shelf of oven and baking with heat up and down to 150 ° for 20 minutes stirring occasionally until flour dry thoroughly and will toast a little. Book.

2 toasting the flour of almonds for a couple of minutes until take a tone Golden. Book. Do the same with the slivered almonds and sesame. Allow to cool completely. To accelerate if it cooled, I put the Bowl on the sink full of cold water, so that meals were cooled too quickly.

3. a time well cold, mix the flours and the almond with the Sesame, the sugar, the vanilla and the cardamom ground. Add then the oil of olive of yuzu and blend until obtaining a mass homogeneous. It is best to leave the dough until the next day, although if you don't have time, you can bake them flip.

4. prepare a baking sheet with a role of baking and reserve.

5. put the dough on the countertop sprinkled flour and roll, extending it until you get the thickness that we like for the olive oil shortcakes with yuzu with cardamom and vanilla. With the help of a short pastry round, forming the cookies that we'll put on the baking tray. Let stand for at least one hour in the fridge.

If we don't have short pasta, I could form a curler with the dough and wrap in plastic wrap. Let it stand for at least one hour in the fridge and proceed to cut the buns on wheels

6. preheat the oven to 200 ° C with heat up and down. When it has reached the temperature slide mantecados from olive oil with yuzu with cardamom and vanilla. Lower the temperature to 185 ° and bake some 15-20 minutes until is toasted by the edges. Let cool completely before removing them from the Pan and sprinkle with icing sugar. To my I like to sprinkle them with powdered sugar, but can also be toasted sesame.

Tips and Tricks

  • These shortcakes with yuzu with cardamom and vanilla olive oil will fly from your table, so you get the entire amount that you need or you will be without trying them.
  • Try adding a little cinnamon instead of vanilla
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Preparation time: 5 minutes more hours of rest
  • Servings: about 20 cookies depending on the size that choose

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