Anyone looking for luck will not find it, is it that you should find

ItWe are in luck in Malaga. Today begins the Malaga Food & Wine Festival. They are ten days when thegastronomythe culture and tourism come together to get an event that has him nothing to envy to the rest of the open festivals which are held in Europe.

And as the theme is international cuisine nowadays we prepare today liver... Would have never done it at home? Allow me to teach you. Duck liver mi-cuit (semi-cooked to low temperature). The first thing you need to know is that we can find goose and duck liver. To my particularly the goose, I like more though it is easier to find the duck. The ideal is that you despite setting the 500 g., indeed is the best buy two livers of 400 g. to one of 700 g. for example.

Those who are more easily and my I like most are the ultra frozen since the liver is nothing more frozen be slaughtered the duck so that it retains all its qualities. They sell them on surfaces such as Makro. I buy it there because the value for money is very good. It tends to be French, and if you advantage to buy it out of Christmas and maintain it frozen at home you can serve foie gras in high season without having to leave one eye of the face.

You can also order your pollero. In Madrid you find them directly in Angel in the peace and Chamartín market and you can order them at Sertina in the market of Trujillo or even ask that they take you home.

El foie es muy típico en in France where is the production of duck barbara by the tradition which has its consumption. The best that can be found are those of Rougié, which is one of the best brands of the world but also the most expensive. In Spain we have several brands like Martiko, Ibardin or Zubia, whose quality in many cases don't have to envy those of the neighbouring country.

There are different ways to find the already-cooked foie gras: bloc, parfait, mousse, paté and all have a base of foie gras of duck, but in different proportions.

At home always tell me that the best is prepare it, so I encourage you to sorprendáis your guests. Normally did not accompany it's nothing special, but I was dying for sale my new pan of Le Creuset (which has me in love with), so I decided to do a jam of medlar to acompranarlo.

It's much more fun to do it at home where you can give the intensity of flavor that more you like it and I promise that it is nothing difficult, so we are going to prepare this delicatessen!

Foie gras 1

Foie gras 2

Foie gras 3

Foie gras 4

Foie gras 5

Foie gras 6

Foie gras 7

Foie gras 8

Foie gras 9

Foie gras 10

Foie gras 11

Foie gras 12

Foie gras 13

Foie gras 14

Foie gras 15

Foie gras 16


For the foie gras:

  • About 400 g foie €13,00
  • ½ teaspoon pepper - I used pepper Sezchuan €0.10
  • ½ TSP. sugar €0.06
  • 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon €0,10
  • a pinch of clove ground €0.05
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg ground €0.10
  • 70 ml of cognac or brandy €0.65
  • 100 white port (to my I prefer the taste of Red port wine, but you less risk that provide you color with foie and look like little cooked when in fact is ready.) I still prefer it. You can also use moscatel wine) €0.68 P

For the jam:

  • 500 g of medlar €1.20
  • 150 g sugar €0.12 (if the fruit is very acidic, you may add a little more sugar, but never more than half of the weight of the fruit because the medlar contain lots of sugar)
  • 1 lemon €0.12

Total €16.18 divided among 4 generous servings you get € 4.04. For that price in a restaurant or a canape, so to eat foie gras at home!


1. thaw the foie gras in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Half an hour before you start cooking it out of the fridge.

2. for denervarlo (cleaning of veins), is to separate the two lobes looking for central vein connecting the two lobes and using a knife or scissors to cut it. I use latex gloves, but you can do it with your hands directly.

3 we will begin by the large, feeling his lobe where the vein is. We will have to continue the finger along all lobe vein out whole carefully so that not dispose us far part.

4. carefully will have to go by removing the smaller veins until there is none.

5. repeat the operation with the other lobe.

6. Once you have it clean, mix the salt, sugar, cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg

7 put the foie gras in a Pyrex for oven and sprinkle with the mixture of spices.

8 pour over cognac and port wine and leave to stand for half an hour. If leave it for more than one hour the foie gras will catch too much flavor and will lose its delicate palate, but it is matter of taste. If you like a milder taste you can quit pairing only 15 minutes.

9 Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

10. bake the foie during 15-20 muntos according to the point that more you like.

11 remove from oven. You will see that the foie gras is now much more liquid than before. This is because that liver fat has melted together with liquors. Drain the foie of the marinade and fat.

12 place the foie into plum Small cake pan and placed on a tetra packed brick that you press the foie and help to compact the meat again. I have a triangular mold I bought years ago and which gives a termination in a triangle to my foie, so I what I do is wrap it in plastic wrap and put it on my cast. I put up a weight for pressing the meat well, and compact it. This will cause that to take the foie gras not us rid. It will have to keep it in the refrigerator a minimum of 24 hours, although it is more good after 2 or 3 days of refrigerator, rest and pressing.

13. at this time, we can prepare our loquat jam. To do this, clean the medlar of skins and bones.

14 Chop into small pieces and place in a pan.

15 pour over sugar and cook over heat medium for 45 minutes.

16 occasionally smash the fruit with the help of a wooden spoon to RID.

17 when the fruit is undone and tender, remove from heat and let cool.

18 remove the foie gras from the refrigerator and remove the mould where we had it.

19 heat the tip of a long knife (served by putting it under hot water but must be dry) cut a gorditas slices of foie gras.

20 on a plate, place a bed of jam and over our foie gras. It can also serve the foie on a plate and the jam into a bowl. Serve with slices of bread browned in the toaster or oven grill. Very chic and rich Rico... to enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

  • Intentad romper lo menos posible el hígado al limpiarlo
  • Utiliza tu licor favorito de buena calidad
  • Usa unas escamas de sal maldon al presentarlo
  • Usa tu mermelada favorita
  • Level of difficulty: difficult
  • Preparation time: 45 minutes 24 hours of rest
  • Seating: For 4 people
  • With this dish, I am going to recommend a red wine that is like a mi me gusta more take it. It's one of my favorite wines of Bodegas Lopez de Heredia. Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002. To give you a tribute and not fail. Your price from €20.40.

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