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White chocolate cream with strawberries

This cream is used to fill macarons, small cabbage and even if you mezcláis it with whipped cream, it serves to create a rich chocolate mousse blanco con fresas. Strawberries can be fresh or frozen.

I, when arrives the time of strawberries, buy enough. I wash them, clean them, and freeze them in baggies. So I guarantee I have them all year to make ice cream, jam and recipes like this. They are delicious to fill any cake, but especially to fill the macarons.

If we don't have strawberries or we just don't crave, we can replace strawberries with any other fruit that you want, such as mangoes, bananas, apples, etc.

With regard to chocolate, it is important to use a good white chocolate. You must be the named of coverage because they are high in fat, so working them gets a creamy texture without adding butter. In fact any white chocolate provided that it has at least 35% fat, you served.

For melting it is important that it is at room temperature, or even tempered. So we can enter it a few seconds in the microwave, but carefully of not burning.

I do not recommend freezing this cream because sometimes ingredients are separated in the process of defrosting, so that is not a creamy mixture, but rather it gives the sensation of having lumps. This is due to the water that has fruit. If ever you congeláis it, don't forget to beat it again a little before using it again.

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • For a few macarons 20
  • Preparation time: 10 minutes


  • 150 g white chocolate into small pieces coating €1,50
  • 150 g cream liquid €0,50
  • 125 Strawberry puree. Strawberries puree is obtained by mixing strawberries with the help of an electric mixer. So, we wash the strawberries and remove them the green leaves. Grind them well in the mixer and our mash is ready. €0.35
  • 2 leaves of gelatine €0.90

Total €3.25. Very cheap and serves for everything.


  • A pastry bag
  • A not very wide smooth mouthpiece.
  • A ladle
  • Bowl
  • Spatula, spoons in wood, etc.

1 bring the cream to a boil.

2. in a bowl, put the gelatine soak. The water should cover the gelatin sheets.

3. when has the cream begun to boil, add the well-drained gelatin sheets of water and stir until they are completely dissolved.

4. Add coverage of white chocolate to the cream and stir until it has melted completely.

5. Add the strawberry puree and mix well until a smooth cream. Pass into a sleeve pastry with smooth tip and let stand in refrigerator at least three hours. The more rest for the cream you know more chocolate.

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