Zahara is dede over 13 years ago my image in family, relaxed and enjoying the summer at the beach of Atlanterra. It is my paradise for many reasons, but mostly it's a paradise of nature, gastronomy to always remember and incredible beaches.

Cadiz represents the love of the sea, and Zahara de los Atunes is the realm of the tuna. The ronqueo (traditional cutting of tuna are respected where all parts) and the variety of cuts of tuna that you can find in this area is the most extensive in the world. Their tuna from trap (ancient art of fishing of the Phoenician era, made up of a labyrinth of nets, which is installed by taking advantage of the passage of the samples from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean from April to June) are bought by avid Japanese restaurateurs who directly freeze and move these tuna so prized in its gastronomy. But in addition to tuna, Cadiz is the birthplace of the prawns from Sanlúcar (wait for me I'm going), the clams and the shrimp among others omelettes. In Zahara de los Atunes, there are several options of restaurants, so I will give you some of my recommendations.

Zahara of the tunas: three places to eat Deluxe

Casa Juanito It is a classic among the classics. As in any other restaurant of the village you will find, during the almadraba, different cuts of the tuna all versions: morrillo mormo, steak, tarantelo, tuna, grilled, tataki, onions, etc., the clams are delicious and tortillas shrimp sublime. It has a super nice terrace, but it does not accept reservations. You can only sign up on the "waiting list". You've come to the restaurant at the set time and you esperaréis just a little bit, but if you do not join the list, shall remain without supper!! Without a doubt my favorite of Zahara de los Atunes.

Zahara of the tunas: three places to eat Deluxe

Another of our favorites is Ramon Pipi (written with the mathematical number Pi squared symbol... What art!). With a magnificent terrace, here can not stop taking the octopus to the escandalera. As its name indicates a scandal of Octopus, on some potatoes mashed and coated with a spicy mayonnaise sauce secret. A delight, but Casa Juanito as, any variety of tuna, clams or scrambled from the sea, make your delight.

In addition, if your Pocket is wide, can not stop going to the restaurant of the Hotel Antonio, where fish is a religion. Salt fish, and shellfish are his specialty. If you have never tried the fried ortiguilas, you should ask for them to know what a piece of sea in your mouth, you sure that it will be worth.

Zahara of the tunas: three places to eat Deluxe

Recently (only a couple of years), is installed in the area La Taberna del Camperobranch in Zahara of the famed Campero of Barbate, cradle of the most natural sashimi that you can test in the area and with a raw, the best of Spain. Well decorated with maritime reviews, offers a good menu of tapas and it has become a reference in the village.

These are my three favorite sites although there are many others who are always a pleasure to visit and discover. A taste of place where I always come back with a few kilos more, but would and if not, where?

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