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Once again, Jose Carlos García (1 Michelin Star and 2 Repsol Soles) accompanied by Ignacio Carmona, from Manducare, stunned the attendees of his demo at the Sabor a Málaga stand in Alimentaria. Snakcs like olives stuffed with beer or seaweed chicharrón were the culprits. There is much and good to teach and offer under the Seal Taste to Malaga, and Alimentaria was a magnificent occasion to do so in a competitive environment and outside our environment. Jose Carlos is amazing.

With the demonstration of five proposals: olives stuffed with beer from sugar cane with Malaga olive oils paired with own beer, the Polvorón of pipes with white dry Muscatel, the fried seaweed and lettuce dry red Syrah, Ajonaranja with sparkling Muscat and new street with oloroso almonds dry stale, showed everything he can give of themselves the products of the land , because there are of a superb quality.

Flavor to food Malaga 2014 10 Loleta Flavor to food Malaga 2014 13 Loleta Flavor to food Malaga 2014 12 Loleta

Let me give you a few brushstrokes of the pantry in Barcelona. It is impossible in an only post bringing together more than 200 producers who with care and dedication, working every day in your product, but if you let me give you a recommendation to another, also if it is, want:

Flavor to food Malaga 2014 5 Loleta Flavor to food Malaga 2014 6 Loleta

In terms of power, cheeses, cream with EVOO the King goat, or the delicious of the Shepherd of the Valley or the Spanish FIR. I was impressed the juice of Avomix, of the Axarquía Cherimoya; raisins, almonds from Almendrera in the South, the pates of curry or Godoy Gourmet sausage. Roldán, Bravo or group Aloreña, the Ajobacalao, olives or the Malaga goat products... would have tasted already the goat sausage? Wow! Finally, the dulce de leche of the great grandmother who made havoc among Catalan bloggers who attended the meeting.

Malaga-flavored Alimnetaria 2014 2 Loleta Malaga-flavored Alimnetaria 2014 Loleta 1

Worthy of mention is the oils. From the award-winning La Finca tower to the castle of the star, Sierra de Yeguas, the Fuente Piedra Lake or Ardales amazing, they have nothing to envy, on the contrary, much to prove the rest of those produced in Spain. Try them as soon as you have opportunity, ignore me.

Flavor to food Malaga 2014 15 Loleta

And finally, we come to the section of the wines, spirits, and beer singular Murex (made with cane sugar). Present important wineries as Quitapenas Bentomiz, Dimobe, Morosanto, Malaga Virgen, La Capuchina, lands of Mollina, excellence and Aliquindoy, let me give you a few ce recommendations: Moscatel de Alejandría de Aliquindoy and the schist soil of Ariyana... spectacular!

Malaga-flavored Alimnetaria 2014 4 Loleta Flavor to food Malaga 2014 7 Loleta Flavor to food Malaga 2014 8 Loleta

They are us all who are neither are all those, but with this I would like to encourage to try good products that you will find under the brand flavor to Malaga. We have very good pantry, good conditions to make them known, and work with enthusiasm, everything else will come in addition.

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Sabor a Málaga

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