We eat Malaga (#mecomomalaga)

We eat Malaga. Gastronomic meeting from 28 to 30 March 2014

Malaga, 25/03/14. This morning has been presented in the Hotel Don Curro of the capital, the gastronomic event We eat Málaga, organized by Al-Salmorejo, which will take place from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 March in the province, in order to disseminate and cover the products, professionals and gastronomy of the province.


We eat Malaga was founded as a professional culinary gathering of journalists and bloggers specialized in gastronomy. Expected attendance of important and prominent experts from the national culinary scene, such as: Fernando Huidobro, Jose Ferrer, Pilar Martín, Miguel Ferrer, Javier compass, Fernando Sanchez, Cristina Martinez (Garbancita), etc. along with the great chefs and industry professionals located in province: Dani Garcia (2 stars michelin and 3 Suns repsol |) Dani Garcia restaurant and BiBo Marbella), Celia Jiménez (Chef and first woman star michelin of Andalusia), Charo Carmona (Cozina art), Fernando González (It manducare), Javier Hernández (Padlock Golf) and Jose Carmona (Trocadero Arena), will be given during the development of the event, good account of the potential and the Malaga gastronomic reality, in many cases, yet to be discovered by the general public.

A palatable but extensive culinary program, which includes guided tastings, panel discussions, pairings, masterclass and cultural visits in Malaga, is intended to stimulate and enhance tourism promotion strategy gastronomy, which has become the perfect claim to break the seasonality of tourism on the coast. Well, I said in one of the institutional representatives presentation "we had on the table - pun - the solution to the deseasonalisation premium..." In fact, according to commented official data of surveys, more than 300,000 tourists chose the province of Malaga in 2012 for gastronomic interest as a main reason for his visit, 650,000 in Andalusia.

We eat gourmet Meeting Málaga

Photo: www.loleta.es

This initiative was made possible thanks to the collaboration provided by regional, provincial and local institutions (Turismo Andaluz; Board of tourism of the Costa del Sol; Town Hall of Málaga and Department of culture, tourism and sports), and thanks to the enthusiasm that welcomed the idea both producers, such as brands and private entities that have sponsored the event, as Victoria beers and other entities that have collaborated in their development: Roman bridge, distilleries del Tajo, Aloreña of Málaga, Convento de la Magdalena, participating restaurants and the participation of flavor to Malaga. Thanks to all of them to boost Malaga gastronomy.

You can follow the gastronomic meeting in networks it from Friday and over the weekend with hastag #mecomomalaga, and actors is located on twitter:

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