The Pesto is a sauce typical originating in the region of Liguria (its capital is Genoa, hence it is known as Genovese pesto) in Italy. Its main ingredient is Basil. Normally also grind pine nuts and garlic, all spiced with a little olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Today we will make use of the Genoese Pesto: This sauce so rich that we have learned a couple of days ago.
Few things there is that my son will like more than risotto. In general, we could say that rice is their favourite food, but within them, risottos lose you, so you are constantly asking me to make a new one.
We had been taking a walk on the pier one and seeing José Carlos García restaurant where we had eaten the day before. It had pesto in the fridge ready to make a salad and I had bought the vegetables to make it, but at the last moment I decided to give him a surprise, and make a delicious risotto with pesto. What how did? You will have to try it yourself, but I'll tell you that it was not a grain.

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Genoese pesto risotto. Green love you green

Genoese pesto risotto. Green love you green

C142 RISOTTO 9 (1 1)


  • 60 g of pine nuts €2.25
  • 1 Genovese pesto recipe €5.98
  • 400 g of rice canaroli or arboreo (are two classes suitable for risotto) 1.07
  • 1 glass of white wine €0.25
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil extra virgin €0.05
  • 100 g cheese grana padano grated €1.33
  • 100 g cheese cream (type Philadelphia) €0.25
  • 1 liter of vegetable broth or chicken €1.20

Total €9.38 sue divisive between the cinch servings salem sue, we each are €1.87. Who gives more for less?


1. heat the broth. It is essential to leave the risotto well the broth that we will add, is very hot. This will cause that the grain is not hard on the inside.

2. in a pan without oil we put rice leaving is toast slightly over high heat.

3. once the rice is toasted, add the pesto and mix well.

4. then add the white wine and let the alcohol evaporate.

5. at this point, and with the help of a ladle, begin to add the stock: two ladles each time. Move well to integrate well the broth in rice. We will not add more broth while you have added is not consumed almost in its entirety.

6. as we have mentioned must be moving constantly with wooden spoon to help the maducation and creaminess of the rice.

7. in a small skillet, Brown the pine nuts. We will put the pine nuts in a small frying pan but no fat. Thus the sprockets will win in aroma, texture and taste.

8. Once you have added all the stock, add the cream cheese. This will increase the creaminess of the rice and will accentuate the taste of pesto.

9. then add half the cheese grana padano grated and mix well until cheese is fully integrated. The other half of the cheese leave it to serve and put it on top of our rice.

10. finally serve with some pine nuts on top and grated parmigiano sprinkled. >

Tips and Tricks

  • Substituting your favorite dried fruit pine nuts: almonds, walnuts...
  • Add a few of pecorino cheese for added flavor
  • Try to do with manchego cheese

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