Taking advantage of times strong year (Easter, Feria, bodies, etc.) that usually come friends to Malaga, I decided to renew and expand a small route of some of my favorite places to enjoy the good food we have in the city, in a simple format but the main expectation of the diner meets: enjoy the cuisine. Not know if are them best, or them more luxurious, or them more cheap, are simply... some of my favorite, them places to which took to my friends when come of visit to the city or to which go with my family when leave to take something to the street. So I shot my screenshots of Instagram and we go on route. Maybe you can visit them with me? Only one thing, confirms in fair operating as normal.

Malaga Loleta


Drift It is the space that leads Carlos Caballero (Alameda Colón, 7, 29001 Málaga. Tel: 951286921) that in a short time has become an essential city, and direct to my particular list. Carlos is a magnificent Cook - I won't discover anything-, and at home shows it more than. Tasty cuisine, suggestive proposals, that invite to taste new products, such as the renowned rice with plankton, or more traditional like its twist to the patatas bravas, for me, the best of Malaga, which combines the traditional basis of salsa Blanca of tomato, with a foam of mayonnaise, kimchi and paprika which make them unbeatable. I loved the detallazo have a cheese cart (for those who are tables is a doom), and also note the lacquered asparagus. A sure hit place.

Malaga Loleta restaurants 1

Bars of malaga1-001

The Refectorium

Classic among the classics, and not fail, both The Refectorium Cathedral (Calle Postigo De Los Abades, 4, 29015 Málaga. Tel: 952602389), as his brother of the located in La Malagueta, It is without a doubt my favorite (Calle Cervantes, 8, 29016 Málaga. Tel: 952218990). In both restaurants, they basically have the same letter, with traditional products and quality. You have special affection by many things, since it has been in my life since I am very small, imagine that Curry (Malagueta) and Sergio (Cathedral) are companions of the life of the school, but then I didn't know that my favorite restaurant was his father. Fry the fish as anyone in the city. The quality of the seafood, fish and meat never disappoint, have secured success. I always start by a ligerita sirloin with mushrooms and their famous potato salad (and a touch of olive). Then fish (red mullet and the calamaritos together with the anchovies are my favorites) ending with the chopped flamenquín and a meatloaf, delicious memories of my childhood still taking whenever I go down there and that my son loves. For dessert the cheesecake.

A meal at malaga2

A meal at malaga7


The House of wine and food Eboka (Calle de Pedro de Toledo, 4, 29015 Málaga. Tel: 952124671), project bringing the Center Antonio Fernández (that leaves behind Dom wines). Pisa, and in its usual format of glass and meals, we discover, as he only knows, accompanied by their usual menu of traditional cuisine "inherited" hidden wines. Format cover or ration, brings classic, as the Russian salad, toasted noodles or croquettes proposals, and some more powerful, even outside the Charter, as the boneless oxtail. Now in the filming, it is destined to be another gastronomic reference point in the historic centre of the city.



Next on my list is the Tavern Uvedoble (Calle Cister, 15, 29015.) Malaga. Tel: 951248478). In the new great local Willie Orellana, Member of Gastroarte, which brings together some of the best chefs in Andalusia. It has a varied cuisine, original and quality for tapas, in which new dishes are being incorporated more and more. Here not to be missed is its rich potato salad, its black with garlic sauce, delicious and soft noodles, and especially their ox tail Meatballs (for my taste the best without a doubt of the city). New Charter has not let try artichokes sauteed with baby squid, or potatoes piconesas. And a great asset of this House, that virtually everything you can ask for it by top, middle or whole, a grateful format for the diner, but demanding mu for the kitchen, to Willie and his team take him wonder.

Malaga2 bars

A meal at malaga8


It is located in the Malaga CAC (contemporary art centre) Oil (Calle Germany s/n, 29001 Malaga.) Tel: 952219062) led by Sergio de el Río and Rui Junior, perhaps one of the sushiman more shaped in the city. The combination is perfect: Sushi bar and Mediterranean cuisine. Amazing their "patatas bravas" (the most famous), delicious also their salad Russian, and well-known product quality and savoir-faire in the different pieces that Rui prepares: nigiris, Maki, uramakis, etc. The terrace is coveted in good time, so we have to give good atmosphere to take advantage

Bars for malaga14

Malaga15 bars

La Cosmopolita

As in house. La Cosmopolita (Calle José Denis Belgrano, 3, 29015 Málaga. Tel: 952215827) my friend Dani RAM and all your great team, is the most if you want to try a cuisine, market and different without leaving the same room, to which you do not get tired of visit, because the already recognized culinary Dani is such that few times you repeat proposal, and all full of criterion (this year has been award chef of the year by the gastronomic Academy of Malaga). It has almost more dishes out the letter inside, as well as being a challenge, making it into something unprecedented in the city. The past 2015 took only offer and nothing less than 173 dishes out letter year amazing! His letter is solid and changing, taking advantage of the product and season. Borda traditional cuisine, the many hours of playing and loves to retrieve and renewed proposals which today make this a luxury for the senses. With the first beer drops a plate of potato aliñas, and a warm potato salad with cured, making it one of the most original (my son puts it at the top of their list along with the El Refectorium). Later, sublime tortilla de txangurro, cecina croquettes, squid to the Bordeaux, marrow with prawns (your dish fetish) tartar, casseroles and stews (well known for this, already highlighted in the stage in El Higuerón), etc. But the best is to let yourself be advised by the Cook, you sure you enjoy a full taste experience and enjoy unusual. Special mention to the rest of the team (Jordi, Micky, Carlos, etc), that in kitchen and living room, embroider the enjoyment of the guest. There is cosmopolitan for a while.

Malaga3 bars

Malaga6 bars

A meal at malaga1

To eat in Malaga

Jose Carlos Garcia

And let the best of the city centre to the end, the proposal for a higher level. If we go to the pier one, of course there are stop in Jose Carlos Garcia (Port of Malaga, Plaza of the Chapel, 1, 29016 Málaga.) Tel: 952003588) with one star michelin, repsol two Suns and one of the most beautiful restaurants in the country. Its cuisine, which strives to give priority to the local product, is a madness, a gastronomic luxury and a compulsory subject for all those who we like the food. All seasons change the Charter, extending the range of records with criteria, and always looking to surprise the guest. Has me neu long, short and to the letter, what it makes accessible, tratantode of a star michelin. The staff, led by José Carlos is exceptional. It is definitely another level, and a real great luxury having it so close.

Malaga7 bars

Malaga8 bars

Malaga9 bars

Malaga10 bars

The restaurant of the Golf padlock

Another option quiet enjoyment, is the Restaurant of the Golf Club of the padlock (Urb. The padlock, Street Golf, 2, 29018 Málaga. Tel: 952299341) where the distinguished Javi Hernández (also a member of Gastroarte and award chef of the year 2014 by the gastronomic Academy of Málaga) delights us with a traditional cuisine based on a letter calling attention, above all for the good preparation of paella rice dishes. Considered one of the best places in Malaga to enjoy the dry rice, you should not escape the opportunity to try their potato salad, its classic croquettes, in addition to suggesting recommendations outside of letter. Finally, give you a great pleasure in desserts, home-made cakes in Sofia are very much worth.

A meal at malaga4

That said, I hope that help you enjoy the cuisine which is made on this earth, and serve you to hear some of the greatest treasures that we have in the city, our gastronomic offer. Bon Appetit!

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