Today I tell you my latest discovery to feel good this summer. I am going to tell you something different, because between recipe and recipe, you have to take care of a little... not everything is going to be eating!

Not is if you will the same thing happen, but I arrive this time of year, when the heat to melt us streets, notice how the hands and especially the legs I swell... uf, the heat is here!

Unfortunately for I am that kind of people that the water is attached, and as much as I do exercise, tends to want to stay with me and not let me: sticks to me as if it were a magnet. After all the obligatory detox which took me last winter as he claims... bread and water, (at this point I think that you all already know that a virus got into my body and shattered me the liver, so I had to take care of myself a lot food), my bikini this year of operation has been very smooth...! Heh, heh something good had to have!

And is this year only I need to avoid dreaded fluid retention which rages in me when arrives this time of year that I like so much.

Every year around this time, I do a diet with lots of fiber, in addition to drink much water and walk, walk a lot (here we have the Boardwalk near is a joy). This year however, by what I have told, I didn't need the happy diet, but yes to avoid that annoying fluid retention.

And there comes the #retoadelgasana in my life. Susarón proposed me the challenge try their special tea for weight loss and prevent fluid retention, and I accepted enchanted, because as you know, to my infusions pirran me (I don't drink coffee or taking caffeine). Well they have tried adelgasana for a week and a half approximately, and every day I accompany my dinner with an infusion which also knows well (can take two a day but my with has gone me really well).

In addition, Adelgasana has three of my favourite herbs: Chamomile, mint and orange blossom. Not is if it is because it has coincided, but the truth is that I have the impression that this mixture have favored my sleep at night. An infusion after my walk in the evenings, with lots of ice and a little lemon juice.

These infusions are completely natural, are made with natural plant with slimming qualities, are also digestive tranquilizers and diuretic, mild laxative, and although I have not done diet, that I have continued taking care of my diet during the week (which is what I always do to, during the weekend, take all the sweet that I feel like).

What I've most noticed after this time, is that I have finally freed of that annoying fluid retention, this heaviness in legs, what relief! So I think taking it while supplies last this heat. One little bit less than worry about this summer.

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