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Nachos. Tortilla chips with cheese and more stuff in Spanish

I admit... Definitely I love Mexican cuisine, and although I have to confess that I started by the so relieved tex-mexI have to say that it is a cuisine that goes far beyond and richer in variety than the world-famous burritos, tacos and fajitas. For example, the cochinita pibil, enchiladas or wires are delicious and varied, representing the tip of the iceberg of the culinary tradition so wide that there is the length and width of México.

This Nachos dish can be with me. It is very basic and if you have the ingredients at home, which are not complicated to have, you will draw more than once a trouble, own a recipe Rogue!. It is a dish easy and appropriate for the times where they have not wanted to complicate you in the kitchen. There are many versions (each stoves has one), since it is served simply with cream cheese cast in canned, until it is served with grated cheese melted in the oven.

This version is more complete and that will be a marvelous as a delicious Starter for a good theme night. It supports all kinds of ingredients: shredded chorizo, chopped meat, beans, onion, corn, mayonnaise, etc. but my I love breast of chicken and peppers because it is tasty and light at the same time.

Do you know the origin of the dish? I'll tell you. Nachos are part of the cuisine tex-mex, i.e. cooking cuisine that emerges between Texas and Mexico, Mexican-American cuisine that blends the two forms of understanding. Today they are recognized as one of the symbols of the fast food, but well made, are delicious... a mi pirran me.

It is said that it owes its name to the owner of a restaurant after closing the kitchen, some clients arrived that a drink. The only thing that was left to the owner, NachoThere were a few tortilla chips (crispy corn tortillas) and some cheese. The base of the dish: chips and cheeseIt was becoming more and more famous and all that so I wanted to try, he ordered "nachos", in reference to the accidental inventor of the dish.

Quickly seek your ingredients and do not be conformed with the cooked products, will prepare a delicious Starter for one night father!

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • Preparation time: 15 min.
  • Seating: 4 persons



  • 1 package of cheese grated €1.00
  • 1 chicken breast €1.19
  • 1 green pepper €0.10
  • 3 tablespoons of spicy tomato sauce €0.55
  • 1 package corn tortilla chips €1.00 (the of) Taste of America they are delicious)

Total: €3.84 to be divided between four Diners 0€96 per serving. An appetitive or first perfect dish to share with friends.


  • Oven with grill
  • Large plate or baking suitable source
  • Pan and wooden spoon
  • Spoons, bowls, cutting board, knives.


For this dish I would recommend one Mexican beer Dos Equis XXfor example, with a price of €1.35. Beer clear and smooth on the palate. Cold it will be delicious with the spicy nachos.


1. clean the grease that fits the chicken breast. Chop the chicken breast cubes and cut the green peppers into small squares.

2 Sauté in a skillet over medium for about five minutes, first breast until browned, and then somewhat less pepper. Both pepper and mix at the end.

3. use a dish or source that is suitable for the oven. Cover it well complemented the tortilla chips (corn tortillas)

4. then place over pepper and the sautéed chicken breast cubes evenly around the dish.

5. cover with spicy tomato sauce. Here there are several options, fast, you can buy any tomato sauce spicy or Mexican, and the more elaborate (if you have more time), that is simply fry a little tomato and add a dash of tabasco, chili or cayenne pepper. Remember that if the spicy this suavizáis, children will be more receptive to the plate and becomes an indispensable for them.

6 cover with grated cheese and bake for a few minutes, just 3 or 4 to the grill until the cheese is melted and Golden well.

You have to serve it fast before it gets cold... and to enjoy, manito!. As I said Speedy Gonzales Andale, Andale, aribaaaa, aribaaaa!

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