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Mojito. My version of Hotel El Convento

Puerto Rico It is that kind of sites that surprise you because you have a preconceived idea that finally it is very different from where you live when you know it. Apart from the vestiges of the strong military and the walls that recall the times of conquest in San Juan, or their wonderful beaches, Islands or parks, as the AnvilThere is a population nearby, friendly, cheerful and always ready to dance, party and enjoy life.

In the Old San Juan, in the capital, after a picturesque city that seems decorated by its cobbled streets and its colourful colonial-style houses, when the tourists disappear at nightfall by the departure of the cruise, begins the atmosphere of joy and celebration is the day of the week that is. In the restaurants almost is can not eat at the table because music and dance floods bars and spaces for this purpose. I recommend to have a fascinating time OS the Parrot Club (in historic old San juan, calle Fortaleza), maybe something touristy, but enough to satisfied a local exit music live. The people vibrates, you spread, and you end up dancing and enjoying as you had not imagined you when you came to dinner. So.

The Hotel El Convento (www.elconvento.com), is a charming and old hotel of the 17TH century located in the street of the Christ, in old San Juan. The Hotel was built during the reign of Felipe IV as Carmelite Convent reminiscing colonial buildings, in fact part of its façade preserves the appearance of the Church. Even for him, it is essential to visit him at least to drink and to enjoy so imposing building. Although Interestingly, San Juan is the birthplace of the piña colada, a plaque commemorates the House where was born in 1963, the recipe of the mojito they served in the bar-restaurant of the Hotel, "The courtyard of medlar" (which is an incredible height of more than three floors loquat) is simply unique and delicious. After persuading the barman in the third or fourth visit, we got the recipe, which we adapt by the lack of some of the local ingredients.

Mojito recipes there is one for every person who prepares it, they are endless. Almost all valid, refreshing and good, but here's one more that you'll. Its lightweight point of acid and sweet makes you receive compliments whenever I make it. A tip: Always served chilled, with lots of crushed ice and... much asúcar!

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • Preparation time: 5 min.
  • For 4 copas


  • Two limes
  • (At least 40) fresh mint leaves. Not missing!
  • Sugar moreno (volume of half a glass of water). Alternatively, normal sugar
  • Ron white-lemon (a third of a glass of water)
  • Ron pale (half a glass of water)
  • Licor 43 (a finger of the vessel)
  • Soda siphon (type geyser)
  • Crushed ice (to be possible). Purchased or you can do it at home


  • Pitcher of water to make the mixture, spoon or mortar from timber, lumber cutting, etc.
  • Ice Crusher bucket or similar and serve
  • Serve with straws, very cold, in wide-mouthed vessels


1. wash Mint and limes. Separate the stems mint leaves, to at least get some 40 (fear not excess of mint, because always will give you a fresh and pleasant taste). We will break the half of the leaves, because that part will use it to make the base of the combined, and the rest will use it at the end to present the mojito in the glass. The two files are chopped into slices, and turn into quarters, running small wedges. Average lima depart to serve. In a jug of water, we are going to prepare the base of the four tops, which consists of 20 sheets of mint, chopped lime and half cut, and the half a cup of brown sugar. Peppermint is poured first, then lime, crushing it with a wooden spoon to extract lime juice mixed with the freshness of peppermint, then add sugar and mixing, crushing everything.

2. then add liqueurs, the third of the glass of rum lemon, half a glass of pale rum and finger of the Licor 43, which sweetens it. Mix everything together with the base of lime, mint and sugar, acquires a dark color due to the effect of the brown sugar. This will be the basis of alcohol to "heated" the mojito in the vessels is present where the cocktail, which we then describe.

3. the presentation: in a glass of mouth wide, placed 4/6 mint leaves in the background, along with a couple of pieces of lima of the reserved previously, add the crushed ice (can buy, made in a chopper ice, powerful mixer, thermomix, or hand in the latter case), if it is not possible, ice cubes. You fill the first third vessel with the concentrate of the alcohol-based mixed with mint and limes to the pitcher and finally complete the two thirds remaining in the glass siphon soda (you can substitute for seven-up, sprite or homemade, but it will not be equal, beware of sugar), is placed the straw and moves a little, being finished. You need to try the first in case you need to rectify at the end both alcohol and sweetness, adding more sugar if necessary. Bless you!

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