All those days, try to not fail in my gift daily: a time of relaxation for my with which for in the activity daily. My perfect moment is that I try to not skip any day. I've been through moments in my life as much stress, those that you do not have as much as you run, and that frustration every day you go to bed you can because you've left you earrings a lot of things without making that list evil every full day with thousand obligations.

Since you are small you hear that life experience is a degree, and when you're living your own life, you realize that it is true. that life is the best teacher and that she is with which you learn to fall and get up, wrong and right.


And as everything you learn, since many years ago, I I am all days 10 or 15 minutes, mii gift daily. Gives equal is the top job, not have time do me the manicure or see my friends. What me not jump any day is the perfect time, mii gift daily, every day, that I dedicate to my. To browse through a magazine or as usual, dreaming of my next trip (planned or unplanned, real or not).

A moment that I dedicate to relaxation, in which I terror obligations and wicked things to do list. Does not have a fixed time, but usually in the afternoon, when I pick up my son from school and he is with his duties in his room.

I come home and sit 10 to 15 minutes. And I don't use them to order the agenda, or to organize the day. The use to relax, to make a stop before continuing with the afternoon, my daily gift. They stop me to recreate in every good thing which has my life on that trip that I have crazy, to dream a little awake time.

This is my moment, the moment that I am and after which I have again all the enthusiasm and energy of the morning to continue the evening (which lately are long muyyy). It ended with super hug strong to my son and a kiss to my husband, that me comfort and me remind it happy that am having them in my life. Is a mini hiatus of the day: an infusion warm in winter and with ice in summer.


And what infusion I take? Because you know that I love them and that I'm buying for where I'm going, but lately I've become demanding and attempt to in addition to good, I take care of infusions. My favorite, Adelgasana Susarón citrus-flavored because carries Chamomile, orange blossom and lemon balm which also makes me relax completely before the whirlwind of the afternoon.

We encourage you to try them now that you are in luck, that you can participate in the campaign my Susarón moment. You can get a lot of awards to make your unforgettable Susarón moment.

So now you know, don't forget dedicate a few minutes each day, breathe deep, and dream awake. The best therapy for eat the day and not the other way around.


Post sponsored by Susarón. The infusions them you can find in Carrefour and Alcampo.

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