The truth is that I am not very given to speak of me, but this time I feel like. There are people who tells me that I've been very brave to take this change to my life. Pass a stable working (13 years old) in a large company, and taking an age, and leave it all to begin a new stage in which do all the time what I like the most was something that heretofore seemed stories to read fashion magazines but were not very close to the reality of every day a working person on behalf of others as I was.

The best thing is that I have not followed any road marking. For the first time in my life I have left I carry, without preset goals and dates indicated, working hard and with great enthusiasm, but without following a defined objective. In this new stage, life simply has fluid and I I've gone by attaching to it.

There was a time in my life in which the control was my obsession. It had to have everything perfectly organized and planned, my free time was perfectly planned and made me endless lists with a thousand things to do each day separate course work and my family. That caused me great frustration because many times did not arrive, and I always slept with the feeling that I had been done

But as we've heard a thousand times, life is wise, and adulthood teaches you to see things with another profile, with perspective, so that everything takes another color, a different meaning. And it was just as I realized that more than I repiriera I liked my work, even if it would allow me to lead a comfortable life in which everything was within my zone of comfort, life happens.

Bienvenida al mejor momento de tu vida 3

Of course in this push of my family was decisive, but think that the good always is coming is what actually led me to this new stage, in which the same gives me that tomorrow is Saturday or Monday, because I decided that every day would be just as happy. I decided that it is never late to give yourself a chance, and that not everything has to be planned to the millimeter to exit binen, which I also really enjoy when I travel and no is where I'm going to eat or to dinner, or we do this weekend or the other.

Life is much more than a busy schedule of appointments. It is our opportunity to be happy, for us, the moments of solitude and good company, security but also of the surprises that brings the life that many enjoy.

The important thing is that I made the decision and that today I'm here with you with a big smile on the face. There are who yearns for yesteryear, who would like the elixir of eternal youth. Not me. I am now happier than ever and I'm living a very sweet moment do the best? No. It is better always to come. Remember it and enjoy life because it is never late to change it.

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