I have visited Cuenca several times throughout my life and have always had a great time. The first thing you can't miss if you visit the province is the Enchanted City. Located in the heart of The Mountain of Cuenca, it is a natural place of rock formations and thousands of years old where you can learn a lot about the origin of this type of rocks (Karst).

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Found in Valdecabras, a small village in the heart of the Natural Park of the Serranía de Cuenca, and is surrounded by immense forests of pine trees (was declared a Natural site of national interest in 1929). It is a beautiful place and I have never seen anything like: rocks with faces, with legs...

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The enchanted city is without a doubt one of the most spectacular landscapes in our country. Water, wind and ice formed these rocks of capricious forms in which you can see, with a little imagination, thousand different ways, and in which no animals, buildings, and even faces shortage. It's fun to try to find the perspective from which looks this way or that.

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It is an ideal place to stroll. To my love going in the morning, in winter, when Moss and vegetation have a dark green that make a beautiful contrast with the grey of the rocks. (in addition to save heat in summer can tighten much). Take a long walk and follow its route is very entertaining, and do a little exercise makes then you win the super food that comes next in any restaurant in the city.

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If you go with children it will pump playing hide-and-seek and guessing shapes of the rocks along the route (I remember playing with my brothers to guess who saw every way before). Keep in mind that travel is to foot in about an hour and a half (a couple of kilometers long in a circular route) and it is advisable to start with water (I always carry in addition a snack because the field always gives me hunger!) Although the visit is easy, if you want to you can arrange appointment, a guide that you will tell the origin of the Park and the various forms that resemble rocks.

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I also advise you if you go with time and you do not want to join very young children, take to do a little hiking in some of the routes that there is near the spot and have a stunning beauty. Easy routes, where it is not necessary are any specific equipment rather than the desire to breathe fresh air and comfortable shoes.


After making the route and have burned a few calories, comes to eat. I I always approach basin which has many delicious options. Stroll through its cobbled streets takes us back to another era in which cars and noises had no place. I remember that in my first visit to the city which most impressed me were hanging or hanging houses, but that left it for another day.

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This ride is me has sustaining also appetite. What do we take? I therefore propose a rich massaman chicken, a Thai recipe that Loleta again turn the world cuisine. I hope you like it

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