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Gazparejo in Spanish

Gazparejo (cold tomato soup) in English

Today is the day. The media British chef Jamie Oliver, famous for its restaurants and countless appearances in programmes on cooking and recipes, that if, without apron and mixing the food with your hands... has organized the Food Revolution Day. What is this?, as an initiative that promotes healthy eating, generating debates and trying to attract people to a healthier diet. There are numerous references on the web, but mainly you can follow it instantly on Twitter with the hastags #foodrevolutionday #foodrev or @FoodRevDay @jamieoliver´s, for example.

The objectives that are part of this proposal, include consuming fresh and healthy, as well as raise awareness to the people, and especially children, who keep a few better eating habits, and as you can see in my blog, I try to be faithful follower of these habits. I love food market, and to the extent possible, follow the basis of one Mediterranean diet healthy (in that we are more fortunate than the English-speaking world). But on the other hand we have alarming data, our eating habits are changing and now have increased childhood obesity 19% to 16% of the United STATES (vanguardia.com)

It was in 2010 when Jamie Oliver was awarded the prize TED awarded (a body that promotes lectures about) Technology, entertainment and design, which I recommend to visit the interesting and fun of some of his lectures) for his campaign Food Revolution. Talk that Jamie gave for the occasion, arose as a standard bearer to lead the healthy food initiative in educating and informing upon the power, "a weapon that binds us to the best things in life". You link the video here if you want to know more (with the possibility to activate subtitles in Spanish), you can see very serious data about the major health problem that is overweight and obesity.

The truth is that it has managed an amazing mobilization, 636 cities and 48 countries addition to the participation in the event. Among others in Spain there are various alternatives, and the of Malaga was sympathetic for its freshness and very appropriate to the times that run: the Gazpacho day. Of my to my grandmother (to which I owe the name of Loleta and together with my) to my mum(, the passion and love for cooking) inherited a simple recipe of gazpacho that has become our substitute of gazpacho, the baton and all types of cold soups that we usually take in times of heat.

In addition, it is very versatile, because we add a little water and we drink it, or take it as a first course in Bowl garnished with: tuna, ham, eggs... almost anything goes well migada in this delicious cold soup.

Today, however, we will do it with whitebait. is there anything more from Malaga to a plate of whitebait?. Although immature are prohibited and no one can catch, fish are still us silver or Chinese whitebait, and although I agree that have nothing to do with the authentic, with this gazparejo well saladitos are second to none!.!

Try the recipe because the texture of its finish, its softness, freshness and speed will delight you. Now you won't want to make another recipe of gazpacho!. So hands to work! Are you ready to join the Food Revolution Day? Let's go!

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • For 6 servings
  • Preparation time: 15 min.


For the Gazparejo:

  1. 50 ml. extra virgin olive oil €0,50
  2. 30 Gr. bread (I use white type) €0.10
  3. 1 kg. ripe red tomatoes €1,40
  4. 1 egg (regardless of the amount of tomatoes, added only one since added to give smoothness to the texture of the mixture) €0.10
  5. 1 clove of garlic with the removed the Center strand (or more garlic) If you like spicier €0.05
  6. 1/2 glass of water €0.01
  7. Salt €0.01

For fitting (already enter the imagination of each):

  1. 100 gr. whitebait (silver fish). You can find it in any super, in the section of frozen €0.80
  2. 60 Gr. of flour to coat the whitebait (in a bowl) €0.15
  3. 3 shrimps €0.90
  4. a little Sesame €0.05

Total € 4,07 for 6 servings good, nice and cheap!. Sale to $0.68 per serving


  1. An electric mixer: thermomix, glass blender or mixer arm
  2. bowls and cutting boards
  3. frying pan
  4. Colander and sieve
  5. spoons and knives


1. wash the tomatoes. Remove the top and cut into pieces to be added to the mixer (no need to peel them).

2. when garlic central strand is removed you so you do not repeat, and it adds. Add olive oil and half cup of water. Gets wet the bread in water, is cut by hand and joins the tomatoes.

3. Add fresh egg. The egg will give you soft and creamy texture that is not common to find in these recipes. Seasoned everything.

4 beat well. Depending on the power of the mixer that you use will take more or less to achieve a creamy texture. If you use Thermomix, two speed 10 minutes they will suffice. If you use a blender jar, you will need about 3 minutes, and if you use a Blender's arm, I recommend you do it twice, dividing the ingredients by half.

5. once the ingredients have mixed well and has been achieved a creamy texture, pass through a sieve to remove the remains that have been left from the skins and seeds of tomatoes, etc. As it is done in at least one couple of batches, you can rectify the taste of salt, garlic or oil.

6. to make our fitting, put oil in a pan and let it heat well. If we have, Fryer turn it 180 °.

7. feed the whitebait (silver fish), in flour to coat them. Put flour in a plate deep and flour the whitebait. Pass them through a sieve or strainer to remove excess flour.

8 season and fry over high heat for about 5 minutes until you see them different. Book.

9. Peel the shrimps. Insert them into stick skewer, flour and frying in oil hot until the shrimps to turn orange. Finally, to give a sophisticated, pass them by Sesame. This recipe also makes mini versions for cocktail.

10. in cocktail glass, put a bucket of the gazparejo. Put a pile of whitebait in the Center, and place the skewer of shrimps on one side. Spectacular presentation, basic and natural ingredients, familiar flavors and low in calories. You can not ask for more... Ah yes!. Don't forget you dip the prawns and the whitebait in the gazparejo... they're spectacular!

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