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One of the sites that touched me the soul nothing more reach was Viet Nam. Today I return to that unknown country to speak from a hidden place to enjoy in peace. Near the town of Ninh Binhan hour and a half South of Hanoi, is a treasure of nature, one of many that this wonderful country has saved for travelers: the caves of Tam Coc (the translation would be "Three caves" formed by the force of the rains over millions of years) which are located on the runway of the Ngo Dong River.

TAM Co Vietnam chicken roasted Loleta 1

TAM Co Vietnam chicken roasted Loleta 2

When I had the luck to visit them, the place was outside the tourist circuit so that we looked like the only foreigners in the area. The beauty and tranquillity of this place is magnificent, and the only caves can enjoy getting into the bed of the river.

On a boat trip along the Ngo Dong It lasts a couple of hours more or less, and surrounded by a deep green rice fields we enter a world where time seems to have stopped, a lost world surrounded by Karst rock promontories and limestone caves. A world in which the Vietnamese camp life continues unchanged since hundreds of years ago, and where the landscapes are magical.

TAM Co Vietnam chicken roasted Loleta 3

The walk starts in the small village Ninh Binh. We have two cute sisters, that the first thing they do is give us two Non Làhats typical of Viet Nam which will help us to protect us from the Sun during the whole journey. The heat can be tightened along our promenade, so it is advisable to buy some bottled water before beginning your journey and bring sunscreen if your skin is very sensitive to the Sun.

The older girl rows using a paddle longer than using a single foot moves deftly to slip the boat by water. The other sister takes advantage of travel to teach all types of garments and household hand-embroidered linen: table cloths thread sheets, shirts... pity that not you wash me a suitcase to the trip because it would have bought all loading!

TAM Co Vietnam chicken roasted Loleta 4

TAM Co Vietnam chicken roasted Loleta 6

Gradually leaving behind the small village to discover an idyllic landscape that actually looks a lot like the Ha Long Bay, if it were not because we sailed along a river rather than by an emerald green sea (in fact Tam Coc is known as the) Ha Long from the inside).

The river winds between the Rocky Mountains and the small boat takes us through three natural caves (Hang Ca, Hang Hai, and Hang Ba), crossed by the river. The largest is Hang Ba that has also the highest ceiling (to about 2 meters above the water) and is the only one where you can make photos with comfort. Others should drop to the input and output because they are so low that it can not be entered otherwise.

TAM Co Vietnam chicken roasted Loleta 7

TAM Co Vietnam chicken roasted Loleta 9

Travel is of return and few feelings are comparable to which one is navigating the river and its canals. Definitely the place is worth the trip and enjoy the opportunity to enjoy the peace that this place offers to the traveller. A hiatus in the middle of the hustle and the noise of Hanoi.

Tam Coc Viet Nam

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