In the heart of all winters lives a throbbing, and behind every night spring, comes a smiling aurora

We have here the cold, and therefore is always rigged to go into the field. It's been the time of bathing suits, the sardines on skewers and heat at the beach, to make way for a time in which it gives pleasure to enjoy the nature in the field, and if it is in good company... even better.

And of that I am going to speak today, another kind of journey, something closer to the villages of Malaga inside, to the field. A precious field that is located in the village of Cortes de la Fronteraa wonderful hideaway of the Valley of the Guadiario, in the Serrania de Rondawhere we spend a few unforgettable days.

Cobbler pie pears Cortes de la Fontera Loleta 1

Cobbler pie pears Cortes de la Fontera Loleta 2

Phoenician origins, this small village of little more than 3,500 inhabitants, referred to as courtiers, has a great ecological and natural value to be located between the Natural Parks of "Sierra de Grazalema"And"The Acorns”. In fact, for example, are now in full season Mycological

Me cautivó to nature surrounding the horizon covered in green, it, the freshness in the course of the River, below, at the bottom of the Valley, and the pleasant sensation of being surrounded by natural parks: holm oaks, cork oaks, olive trees and quejicaes cover its mountains and valleys that go up and down this as diverse and rich geography scenically speaking. In those same mountains spotted goats and cows, rabbits and bulls that give it that so Andalusian field, but above all, I loved the friendliness of its people and sympathy with which all you receive and how not? the well that eats!

Cobbler pie pears Cortes de la Fontera Loleta 3

Cobbler pie pears Cortes de la Fontera Loleta 4

I caught the entire gastronomyfull of good hunting and pork, especially the cake Greaves. A cake cooked with bread dough and to which are added the fried chicharrones with its fat and that covered with sugar becomes an exquisite delicacy. The destination wanted days later to have the pleasure of trying this dish on the other side of Spain, in the escribá pastry shop in Barcelona (one of the best in the country without a doubt) and in which they also make this dessert under the name of Coca Greaves, but that made the same way as in courts. Curious huh?. I would have never imagined that a specialty of cuts was also in Barcelona. So Spain's full and generous.

I was lucky that taught it me make Paqui, the mother of our host that with all his patience and affection I was explaining how to knead and form how this delicious dessert/snack/drinks a day I have to make.

Cobbler pie pears Cortes de la Fontera Loleta 5

Cobbler pie pears cuts the Fontera Loleta 6

Another dish that I recommend you take if you are lucky to find it is the loin deer in butter. Cooked similar to the pork in butter, it becomes a tender and lean meat that hunters and restorers of the area in a very original way, prepare a pleasure try this rich delicacy that fell in love head over heels my son that hardly let us prove it to others!

As the village is in the Sierra, then gets cold and want to enjoy the fireplace, rides through the countryside and pick up chestnuts!

Cobbler pie pears Cortes de la Fontera Loleta 7

Cobbler pie pears Cortes de la Fontera Loleta 8

It is a paradise for children and for adults, an ideal place to wander and relax after the daily swing, a place which forget the routine and where to enjoy the fresh air, local products and the field. A luxury come on, for some privileged stone's throw.

And with both field it entered me a dreadful hunger. Today I bring you a cobbler, an easy dessert and delicious that it you "is a broken" (dessert) "that for a descosio" (snack). The cobbler ('shoe') is a traditional dish of the United States. It is a dessert that normally carries fruit and a filling that is and inflates in the oven. At the end is a crust over with toasted appearance. And that is what we will do today. I also took to bake it in a super low Pan sent to me my friends of BRA, among others, and in gratitude, the result jumps at the sight. A cobbler of pears: a deliciously soft cake with the crispy touch that gives the cumble I incorporaré you fabulous! I must say also that apuntéis it, one of the best combinations in desserts is the PEAR with vanilla. Let me know after trying this...

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