This post on how presenting your meals is one that more enthusiasm has made me write. When Just Eat challenged me to prepare a table of luxury with food to address any of its partner restaurants, I not hesitated to accept. I thought it was a different and tempting project. A tempting challenge prepare an irresistible table with the food we receive at home in simple plastic boxes.

But I thought it would be the best way to help you in those times in which comes us a dinner or a meal and we don't have time to prepare it. In these cases the domicile of our favorite restaurant food can be life-saving, but why not do something nice with it?

Those film scenes in which players eat food directly from the box of the Chinese restaurant or the soup directly of the airtight container have always horrified me. I like to eat well and enjoy the food and in that also goes into the presentation. So today we will see how to get a nice table in just 5 minutes.

I've used the dishes that I have at home, but you can do the same with those who they have at hand. The first thing to do is to select them. Me, I like to choose them within the same range of color, there is a tune where the food is the highlight colors.

Here are my tips when you want a different table without complications:

  • It includes bowls of different sizes, which are also important to serve sauces.
  • Dishes of different sizes depending on which components you will use. That creates a more dynamic set and nothing boring in sight.
  • Used wooden planks to your bread. They give a very warm touch to the table either day as at night.
  • Always keep hand fresh herbs to decorate the lower color dishes because they provide freshness and life to the set.
  • Add nuts on top. It seems that you just prepare them and they are always well in salads and fittings.
  • It has always cut loaves. You can use the imagination. I here I cut into triangles naan (Indian flat bread) because it is much more aesthetic and is easier than just in pieces.
  • Prepare napkins tied with a piece of cord, a piece of string or a piece of paper or fabric loop. It is a detail which is always nice and your guests will notice that you have made the interest in preparation.
  • Put love on the preparation of the table. If you do, no one will notice that the corner restaurant has risen to food home.

And now look at the step by step of how have changed my dishes and the final table. We have prepared two presentations: a buffet-style breakfast, which is super convenient when you serve an informal dinner in which each chooses its site. For me, it is very practical because I have not always hollow for all the guests and prepare a table so I can put all the food and utensils at the table. The other is for a dinner for two, where each has its place and the food front is to serve each one is what want you.

From Just Eat have opened a microsite about food and table decoration, so the rush of every day do not stop us to enjoy a nice dinner with friends, family, etc. So now in addition to be able to call the food that best suits you for every occasion, you can inspire you to have a perfect table for your guests

Anyway, I hope that you liked and that now you prepare a beautiful table, but dinner has uploaded it you the Chinese of the corner, that the food also enters through the eyes!

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