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Salsa Romesco

This sauce is very little known and yet it is delicious with grilled vegetables, white fish, pasta and meat. It is native of Catalonia, and delicate flavor, so tend to like very much also to children. The original version, imply to make a sauce with crushed tomatoes, very chopped chives and a little garlic. FRY all is left to fire half an hour approximately until the sauce is well thick.

However one of my days of rush, I discovered that Aida leaves even tastier with a can of tomato sauce from the brand. They sell it in Mercadona and in almost every supermarket. It is worth to look for it because it is top quality, natural ingredients and very homemade taste. I hate since the tomato sauce. Anyone who knows me knows that never it, and that buy it is for my son that he loves it. However, I recognize that this sauce is delicious with this type of tomato "sauce".


  1. 2/3 onions €0,20
  2. 1kg of crushed tomatoes (peeled, seeded and sliced) €1.30 (Aida can replace the tomatoes and onion with a tin of homemade fried tomato €1,14)
  3. 2 cloves garlic €0.08
  4. 50 Gr. almonds raw (Frits can be used but my I prefer frying them) €0,50
  5. 2 slices bread €0.10
  6. 150 Gr. oil €0.45
  7. 1 nora hydrated in the micro in a glass with water €0.15

Total €2.78 if we use natural tomatoes or €2.42 if we use homemade fried tomato Aida.

1 make a tomato sauce with tomato concasse, very chopped chives and a little garlic. FRY all is left to fire half an hour approximately until the sauce is well thick.

2. put the nora to soak in warm water. Toast the almonds in a skillet with a few drops of olive oil and salt until they are golden brown. Fry the slices of bread in olive oil until they are golden brown.

3 put the homemade tomato sauce (or tin of tomato Aida), peeled garlic, toasted almonds and the pulp of the nora. Blend and add a bit of vinegar and salt to taste and return to grind until a uniform paste.

When I do it I take and I do quantity. Then I keep it in cans of canned reused and keep it in the fridge. In this way I always have sauce available for any time!.

Use it with everything you feel like, especially with grilled vegetables, and already you can not go back to eat them without this sauce.

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