Today I took route by bike by Helsinki, one of my favorite Nordic cities and in which you can enjoy everything and everyone. Helsinki is a city green, open and that you enjoy bike as in almost all Nordic cities. It is curious how I could enjoy both cities bicycle where being so far North, not imagine that people move in this mode of transport.

Helsinkicapital of Finland, is busy in the middle of its extension by water, with hundreds of Islands and a rugged coastline, water is the center of his life. The port and the market is the Centre where around him spiraling life in the heart of the city

The Finnish capital a city where residents live on the street everything the weather allowed, so if you visit it at summeryou will see streets and crowded parks, with great atmosphere and thousands of bicycles everywhere. Public transport is very good and has buses, metro, ferries, trams and trains (can not miss the station's) Railway station(, one of the most unique in the world, which seems taken from a Batman movie) which cover the whole of the city and surroundings. A walk is recommended by the North tram line because you can get an idea of how the city in a comfortable and enjoyable manner.

However, as in almost all the cities of the North of Europe, the bicycle is considered the means of transport ecologicalcheap and healthy. Therefore, the bike tours are commonplace.

Helsinki enjoys a tour of bike throughout the city, so the walk as well as rewarding, is very relaxing and safe. You can opt for bicycles that the City provided free of charge to visitors.

The cost of the deposit is Euro 2 returned to return the bike, but if you travel in summer, it is possible that there is no available, since they have only 300 of these (also rented without chairs for children).

But another option is rent a bike at a rental store. Rent them for all ages and with chairs for infants and young children (up to 4 years) to be able to take them unless they get tired. In the Tourist (Unioninkatu 28), you will be given a list of locations where you can rent bicycles, as well as a map of the city with all lanes bikes that exists.

You can develop your own route, or ask for advice. They plotted the perfect route so that you don't see anything interesting. The bike will allow you to visit the city at your pace, making all stops that you desire and eating where better appear.

He had a habit of walking in bike the cities I visit until I did it in the Finnish capital (then try to do there where possible)

It is a highly recommended way to discover the city beyond its historic, accessing more distant places of interest in a comfortable and practical. The city has many buildings of modernist art, parks and panoramic views that you can go see along your ride

But if you are going to be more than one day in the city, an ideal excursion for half a day or even a whole day is that can be done to the island of Suomenlinna.

A fortified island which can be reached with a ferry liner from the square where is located the market and from where there are ferries to islands.

The fort is located on the island of the Heritage, and dates back to 1748, when the Swedes built it to protect themselves from the attacks of the Russian Empire.

Ideally, take a picnic prepared to eat there, but there are also several cafés to take a sandwich or a menu where hot if you prefer. It is ideal if you travel with children because they will find it very funny. There are parks and swings to spend a day outdoors very good when the weather's nice.

Finally, of gift: I bike por la ruta en Baltic capital. Make me case, rent a bike and changes the way of seeing the city, there are cities where it is wonderful to make such journeys, and no doubt that Helsinki is. Enjoy!

See Una box one bici pore Helsinki in a larger map

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