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If you visit Rome there are 10 things you can't miss and I'll tell you here.

Rome is a city to visit a thousand times without fear of getting bored. We've already gone several times and we've never even repeated room to eat.

The best way to move is to go on foot. But if you don't have that much time, cycling or motorbikes are a perfect choice. Taxis are cheaper in Rome than for example in Madrid, but I still only recommend them if the distance is really great, you have prey to reach the crowd, or it is very hot. Otherwise, it's best to walk through its streets

As happens to most capitals of the world, they are very lively changing cities with a thousand different things to do each time. Rome will also fall in love with its people. The Romans are nice and very friendly, so don't hesitate to stop someone on the street or walk into a store if you've missed out or need help.

It is curious how cities change and returning to Rome so many times has made us able to see it change for good and bad over the years.

Here's my list of things you can't miss. Unless you have tickets to go, I'd tell you it's worth getting up early. I know that when you are on vacation it is about enjoying but in my case you know that I love photography and to be able to take them quietly it is much better to do it when there is still almost no one on the streets. I mean, good early! But it's just my recommendation!

1 Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica – the last time we visited Rome, we visited them again because it was the first time we went to the city with Javi and loved it. The visit to the museums lasts a couple of hours. I recommend that you you buy the ticket onlineto save your tails. We made it with a guide (you can choose the language) and it was a success because the visit is much more complete and entertaining when they tell you the whole story.

2 Colosseum, Roman Forum and Bocca della Veritá – will transport you to another time. It is one of the 7 wonders of the modern world and a visit that you can not miss. As in the case of the Vatican, I recommend that you you buy the tickets before you go. That way you'll save a lot of time. And if you want to emulate Holidays in Rome, put your hand in the Bocca della Veritá, one of the most visited places in the city.

3. A walk through Trastevere to visit Santa Maria in Trastevere and get lost in its streets. It is one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of Rome and one of the most lively at night. You can also approach the market of San Cosimato on the market day that is much more colorful than what remains of Campo dei Fiori, where there have been more souvenir stalls left for tourists than from flower and fruit stalls like yesteryear.

4. Piazza Navona – definitely my favorite from Rome. A beautiful square erected above the old Stadium where the ancient Roman games were played. The most beautiful fountains of Bernini and Giacomo della Portas but the square is full of palaces. I love to go in the early morning and tour it again and again, hear the water from the fountains fall and leave it when the hustle and bustle begins and tourists invade it.

5 Pantheon of Agrippa – is my favorite building in the city. I love to visit it very early when there are almost no people and I can sit on the steps of the Pantheon fountain in Piazza della Rotonda to see its dome quietly. One can imagine the square full of Romans from 20 centuries ago. This city certainly falls in love with such unique coas in the world

5. The Spanish Steps and its stairs – although you will no longer be able to sit on them because it is forbidden with fines, it is worth going up and down. I can't help but remember Holidays in Rome every time I see her and the times I've been lucky enough to sit in them for ice cream when it wasn't forbidden

6 Piazza del Popolo with its obelisk to Ramesses II. This immense square is one of the best known in Rome and you can not miss it if you want to know the enjoyability of this city. You can't miss the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo and the Leonardo da Vinci Museum. In the square is also the climb to Villa Borghese, an incredible park in the heart of the city that includes different styles of gardens and buildings, fountains and ponds. Villa Borghese Pinciana, home to the famous Borghese Gallery, with masterpieces by Caravaggio, Raphael and Bernini, is also here. It is the third largest public park in Rome and where it is worth missing if you have time.

7 Trevi Fountain – the most beautiful fountain you've ever seen in your life is in Rome and is The Trevi Fountain. Legend has it that if you throw away a coin you will find love, if you throw two, you will return to the city, and if you throw three, you will get married. I've been there twice and I've been there three times, so don't hesitate. You'll think I'm repeating myself, and you're absolutely right, but it's really worth getting up early if you want to take a picture like this. There are hundreds of people who are smothered as they give 9 in the morning, so get up early and you can enjoy it more quietly.

8 Watch sunset from one of your Roof Tops or terraces over the buildings. My favorite is that of the Rinascente, a large warehouse with the best international firms, a very appetizing gourmet shop that you can not miss, and a fantastic terrace where you can watch the sunset. I also really like the hotel. The Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel.

9. Make a pasta course – not that you are going to become an expert cook but the experience is absolutely fantastic. We tried this last time we were in town and it was the funniest meal of the trip. Sharing experiences with people you don't know from different parts of the world is an adventure you can't miss. We did it in Roscioli with a wine tasting included and we had a great time. Correct food, normal wines but a very fun atmosphere.

10. Renting a Vespa or bicycles – touring the city on wheels is also a unique adventure, a quick way to get from place to place taking advantage of time. For bikes you have a couple of applications to be able to download on mobile. You take it where you find it and leave it where it suits you, they are cheap and very comfortable and above all allow you to move quickly around the city without losing your pulse.

But without a doubt one of the most fun experiences in Rome and rent a Vespa. It allows you to tour it whole in a short time, and although it is not too cheap an activity, it is not expensive either and gives you a pulse of the very Roman city where you share traffic, noise and the funniest and most romantic side as well. NOsotro we couldn't do it last time because we went with Javi but the other times he's always done one of the most divetid things without a doubt.

Finally, if you are going to be in Rome for several days (more than 5 because if they are less, I would not), you can take advantage to make an excursion to Florence. There are trains from Termini every half hour. The journey takes only an hour and a half and you can visit the Florentine Ponte Vecchio during the day and dine in the Roman Trastevere in the evening.

Enjoy yourself very much, laugh and drink every minute in Rome as if it were the last of your life. I'm sure you'll fall in love over and over again

And if you want to know all my secrets to eat well in Rome do not miss This post

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