India has turned out to be much more than a destination to travel to. It has been a place where emotions are lived very intensely, where I have cried with emotion and where the smile of its people has captivated me forever.

Whenever we travel to Asia, I like to do it on a private tour, with guide and driver because that gives me the peace of mind of always being attended, but at the same time, it gives me the freedom of a trip alone, where flexibility is constant in schedules and visits.

On this occasion, the trip was organized Exoticca Travel, an international travel agency that offered me the opportunity to discover India through a tour of the Golden Triangle: Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

We left Madrid for Delhi with our minds ready to live one of the most amazing trips of my life. The Exoticca App made our lives very easy and in addition to marking in detail the route planned for each day, it indicated the point where our guide would be waiting for us at the airport, so it was very easy to start our adventure.

We had arrived in Delhi, a chaotic and fun city in equal parts in which visits to the most important temples and monuments alternated with walks through the most bustling streets you have ever seen.

We visited the Bangla Sahib temple of the Sikhs, we were in the Royal Yama Masjid Mosque (built in red sandstone and white marble), also visiting the Muslim quarter around it, full of restaurants and shops reminiscent of the life that Aladdin and his lamp must have led in Agrabah.

From there we drove (tuk-tuk) to the Chadni Chowk market area where we did some shopping. Stalls crowded with people, spice shops and endless textiles that dye its streets a thousand colors.

We also visited the place where Gandhi was cremated where I was impressed by the respect with which the locals venerate this leader of La Paz, and the door of India, around which thousands of people gather daily around countless street food stalls. Street food in India is everywhere, at all hours and although I did not try it (recommendation of my doctor) the atmosphere created by these stalls is unique.

But without a doubt what I liked most about the whole city was the mausoleum of Emperor Humayun, a Mughal-style complex declared a World Heritage Site that was the inspiration for the Taj Mahal. Surrounded by gardens and forests, one can perfectly move to another era. The silence, the singing of the birds and a morning fog created magic that this place where the tomb of Isa Khan (a nobleman of the emperor's court), made me fall in love forever: it is the most beautiful tomb I have ever seen.

From Delhi we travel by car to Jaipur. The road is cumbersome and long because the roads in India are very bad, but it is worth every minute that lasts for the wonderful destination that awaits us: Jaipur, the pink city, as romantic as it is bustling, is also rich in culture, a wonder for the purchases you want to do in India whether clothes. pashminas, jewelry or local crafts.

The Palace of the Winds, built in pink stone and the Palace of the City of the Maharaja with some of the most beautiful gates I have seen in my life and in which a part of the palace has been destined for wedding celebrations and events, and another part to the private life of the Maharaja and his family, They are two visits that you can not miss.

But the visit I liked the most of all was that of Fort Amber. The climb to the fort can be done by elephant (we decided not to do it because I love elephants and I am very sad to see them outside their natural environment) or by jeep, which was the means that was planned in our itinerary. However, our guide, Arvind, offered us to go up by car so we could stop at the Panna Meena ka Kund well and Shri Jagat Shiromani Ji Temple and so we did.

The two stops were incredible, we could see how the maharajas cooled off from the heat of the summer of Jaipur (which reaches almost 50 degrees) in a well with the most incredible stairs you can imagine, and a small but beautiful temple in which they venerated Meera bai, Krishna and Vishna.

The next stop is Fort Amber, one of the most beautiful monuments in India where we spend the whole morning learning about the life of the Maharaja and the Maharaani, the mirrors embedded in the ceilings to reflect the light of the candles at night, the beauty with which everything is planned in this fort. Also at night we return to have dinner there in a beautiful atmosphere reminiscent of the Arabian Nights.

We left Jaipur with a suitcase full of shopping in the direction of the most desired destination of the whole trip, the one that set the way to Agra and the Taj Mahal, my dream since my grandmother many years ago, gave me a small Tal Mahal that she brought me from her visit.

Upon arrival in Agra we visited the Red Fort, one of the ones I liked the most of the whole trip, for its location, for its mosque that is very reminiscent of that of Cordoba and because we lived an unforgettable sunset in it.

The visit to the Taj Mahal is one of those that will remain in my memory forever. I keep as a treasure all the emotions that this visit gave me and in which we were alone in the palace for 10 minutes at dawn. We entered the first thanks to our guide and that made us live one of the most magical moments of our lives. I cried from the emotion of seeing the inexhaustible beauty of this building that is undoubtedly the most beautiful I have seen in my life. Symmetry and beauty take to the extreme. Indescribable.

Three the visit our trip had come to an end, but they still reserved a super recommended and very fun experience. The farewell of our trip was a meal at a family's home where we were taught how families in India cook and eat. A very interesting experience in which I also learned to make roti, one of my favorite Indian breads.

An absolutely unforgettable trip, full of magical moments that stay in my heart forever. How much you have given me India in exchange for so little. To come back and forth

Post created in collaboration with Exóticca Travel

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