Having no need magic tricks

Today we will not travel to any place, today we will travel in time. It seems incredible but the blog already meets month two years!... and sorry that I can not resist to take stock of what brought these last twelve months (here's the of the) first year). It has been a very intense year in publications of recipes and travel which, thanks to you, a lot of great things have happened.

After seeing an ad for wines Aneto Natural and TV Channel Canal CocinaI decided to enter my recipe of delicious rice paella with red prawns and vegetables. The truth is that you out of 10, things as they are, but I never thought that Natural Aneto would choose it as their favorite. They notified me awards and thanks to them, I have lived one of the best experiences this year. A couple of days in Barcelona with magnificent opportunity to know in detail the natural process of its great wines (I will tell you in another post)..., and how not? enjoy Barcelona, which is always a pleasure; and finally be able to record a television channel kitchen with the great program Julius.

For those who don't know it (something that would be rare), Julius It is one of the favorite chefs of the spectators. To my legs were shaking me when I got to the shooting, but after a few minutes of talk with July we had already made friends and only recorded the program. A pleasure experience that especially because I spent it great!

Later would come the most important recognition (without belittling any other) Loleta has received so far: TV Channel Canal Cocina Loleta Life, Market and Cooking it chose as Blogger Cook 2013 in the Gold categorysay... my particular Champions. During the weeks leading up to the election of the blog my husband tortured me telling me how it was going to celebrate... it always has had much more faith and clarity in the things that I. And is that it was something which I even dreamed... a professional jury chose my blog as the best in 2013! For a few days I was in a cloud and almost gave me shame discuss it because I didn't have any credit.

So I came to dinner Bloggers Chefs where we celebrate the awards of my blog and the other colleagues in the various categories. We were offered a fancy dinner in Flash Flash (Madrid), and had the opportunity to meet and share experiences with a bunch of buddies Bloggers super fun that we continue, I admire, and I can't wait to see again.


Following this award arose a lot of amazing experiences: distinctions from other fellow bloggers; the inclusion in the Red bloggers Sabor a Málaga in order to further publicize the good local produce, where I have known great people; obtaining the tenth place in the Blogs Award Thanks to your votes; Courses and Workshops, like those I continue to teach in the Workmanship of Cati Shiff; appearances on TV and Radio (Canal Sur, PTV Málaga, Onda Azul and Onda Cero); Elaboration of exclusive dessert tables "Sweet dreams" and events, collaborations, and a long etcetera. Among all, I'd like to highlight you that makes me vibrate every week to see my recipes so much published in the journal La Opinión de Málaga as a few weeks in the rest of the day Prensa Ibérica Group: more than 13 digital newspapers have to Loleta as culinary blog's header. Really, a smile from ear to ear.

I could not express in words the infinite gratitude I have to all but, above all, the gratitude with your capitalization I feel for youmy subscribers, followers and readers who push me to continue working hard every day, to be increasingly demanding, to improve all aspects and to enjoy more and more of this adventure... Between the networks and the blog we are already about 5,000 people who in some way or other are part of the Loleta world. You don't know how well received your comments are, the joy of seeing how you do my recipes, you like travel, and knowing that there are people even from Sri Lanka or Bangladesh on social media where I'm present: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google +... behind the screen. That is why thanks billion. And as someone who loves me well "The best road is yet to come" ! Promise! This will be our year!

To celebrate this anniversary, and coming from this blog, that the best gift that a delicious tart multilayer banana cake with meringue which remain you the flavor in mind for life... Congratulations to you also!

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