Churros. I like nothing more than starting the day with a good breakfast, and if it's a weekend, start it with a breakfast that lasts hours.

And that's what churros are perfect for. These days when we can't go out and have all those whims that we want so much, I've decided to go back to our roots and try to replace them with "things made at home with love."

And I have to confess that although these are not the churros of our Churrería Mayoma here in Madrid, or those of Café Madrid in Malaga, in my house everyone had their faces lit up when they were received at the table accompanied by a good hot chocolate.

The recipe is so easy you won't believe it, and the ingredients so basic you won't have a problem. A measure, the one you want, a glass or a cup that you will fill with flour and then water, a little oil and a pinch of room, and that is, a churrera, so let's go for them so that you too will light up your face. Happy Sunday!


  • There have been people who have been exploited for not following the directions I do NOT recommend you do them without churrera and thus avoid burns
  • When making churros it is important that the dough does not have clumps of flour or air inside, because if they form they can make it saute hot oil during frying. To avoid them you have to make them in churrera or make them in the oven.


  • 1 cup normal wheat flour (do not use strength, corn, or any other)
  • 1 cup (the same) water
  • 2 tablespoons OVE (extra virgin olive oil)
  • half a teaspoon of salt


In a saucepan bring the water to a boil. Meanwhile, using a strainer, sift the flour with the salt.

When the water boils, add the sifted flour with the salt and move hard with a stick spoon. Add the oil and move well until a uniform ball is formed that peels off the scoop.

Remove the dough from the scoop and wait for the dough to rest for a few minutes until the dough tempers.

Knead lightly for about 10 minutes until the dough is smooth and has no traces of lumps.

Put the dough in a churrera and form the churros and place on a baking paper.

In a frying pan we heat plenty of sunflower oil. The churros will brown on the outside, leaving soft on the inside. You have to turn them around so they brown well everywhere but simple and slightly golden without letting them fry too much so they don't explode.

Transfer to a plate with absorbent paper and enjoy!

If you don't have churrera you can do them with pastry sleeve or mouthpiece but in the oven and not fried. If the fies can blow you up and burn you. To bake them turn the oven to 190 degrees and bake for about 8 minutes on each side. Depending on the oven you will need some minute or so.

Tips and Tricks

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Preparation time: 15 minutes
  • Servings: 10

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