Had many ganas of tell you my trip to California with nuts of California. An of the best things that me has last in 2016 and I assure you that I have last a lot of things good, is have won the contest of nuts of California of smoothies recipes and have had the opportunity of travel with the Commission of walnuts from California to Sacramento


The trip took place in October and in addition to go accompanied by Lorena di Marco, responsible of California walnuts in Spain that was our Angel of the keeps all the travel, and by Manu Catman, friend and fellow blogger. Is joined to us them journalists of the vanguard sea Jorge Sotelo and Manuela Sanoja, and Navy weapons of the reason. The group it completed a large number of responsible of sales and journalists of India, China and Turkey.

For three days we visited Sacramento and its Valley, and the most interesting as well as the discovery of the gastronomy of the area, was the visit to the farm of nuts in which we had the opportunity to see how they are grown, collect and treat the walnuts in this part of the world.


Harvest occurs between September and November, so that October has been chosen the month of the California Walnut, and so was ideal for the trip.

The collection occurs between 5 and 7 times a year and is done mechanically by stirring machines causing the nuts fall to the ground, in a process that reminded me of the collection of the olives in Andalusia.


Then are others machines which collect the nuts of the soil that are then taken to the plants of processing where are washed and packaged. There are many types of nuts, more than 30 varieties which account for over 65% of worldwide trade and exported both with and without Peel.


My favorite? The Red without a doubt. They are rare and are not easily because its production is very short, but in addition to delicious, they are precious. I was lucky that the Commission gave me a few of course I brought in the suitcase and expect a delicious recipe that I will soon bring to the blog

To preserve them, as I have told more than once, the best way is to freeze them, because they are preserved with all its texture and flavor for more than one year.

The trip was interesting but mostly very funny. I could learn more to Manu and my girls in the press and together we spent unforgettable moments. An of them best things, certainly, besides all what learned, them meals and dinners that us organized along the trip and in which could test a lot of uses different of the walnut in the kitchen. Big and beautiful dishes based on the kilometer zero and in the products local.

A luxury certainly unforgettable trip in every sense that I would love to repeat once. Thanks Lorraine for being a love and be so aware of everything and thank you California nuts for doing so can hope again!

Of group first photo is California walnuts

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