Amsterdam is one of the most fun European cities to visit. It is completely flat, which makes it perfect to visit on foot. There is a tram but walking in a beautiful city is a real pleasure.

Here are the 10 things I like to do when we visit. I hope you enjoy them when you go to Amsterdam. Don't forget to let me know.

1 Visit the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. Tickets must be purchased several weeks in advance and only are sold online, but this way you make sure that you will not run out of them as happened to us last time. It's a good thing we'd already been

2 Have breakfast at Bakkerij Wolf. You have plenty of sweet and savory options. The coast with avocado, ham and cheese croissant and sweet potato pancakes are delicious. The atmosphere is very welcoming and very local. You can also make a light meal because they have a lot of sandwiches

3 Take a boat ride at sunset. Any time of the day is perfect for a walk along the canals, but doing it at sunset is highly recommended because it will get dark on the promenade and you will be able to see Amsterdam at night from the canals and it is wonderful. There are several companies and prices range from 10 to 50E depending on whether it is just the step or includes something to drink or eat. I recommend that in winter you take one that is covered with real crystals since the plastic does not allow you to see well.

4 Eat a Van Vonderen strropwaffle. They are the prettiest and the richest. Don't expect a waffle from Brussels or Liège, because they're not waffles of that type. They are cinnamon and gingerbread cookies molded like a very thin wafer and filled with caramel cream. Then you can decorate them with dark, milk or white chocolate and add your favorite toppings such as cookie pieces, chocolate bar, smarties...

5 Take a hotel with a view of one of the canals. We stayed at the Ambassade hotel and the room was beautiful. Its style is classic but it is ideal and very well located. We took it without breakfast (as always) because I love looking for places to have breakfast.

6 Eat a Van Stapele cookie. They are the most famous cookies in the city. Its owner started making the cookies at home 10 years ago to sell them at one of the city's flea markets. Then he opened a kiosk and today he has a single store that has a queue every day and at all hours. The trick is Order online And then you pick it up at the store directly without having to wait in line. It only makes one type of dark chocolate cookie filled with white chocolate. The box comes with the instructions on how to heat them to take them as freshly made at home and soon I promise to bring you the recipe

7 Walk along the Canal of the Seven Bridges. Walking around Amsterdam is a pleasure like few other cities. It is completely flat because there are no ups or downs, all the canals are beautiful and dedicating time to the pleasure of walking is something you should not miss in this city.

8 Have lunch or dinner at Janz at the Pulitzer Hotel and have a cocktail at the cocktail bar. It is essential to book in both. The hotel has a lovely garden and a wall with the bikes hanging in the courtyard is very curious. We had duck and it was spectacular. We also loved De Belhamel, a French restaurant with very tasty food and very friendly service

9 Visit Anne Frank's house. It's an incredible place and when you visit it you realize how lucky we are in life. I was very impressed and loved it at the same time. We should all see her to feel what that little girl felt.

10 Eat French fries at all hours. The Dutch and Belgians make the best fries in Europe, after Spain of course... hahahahaha

Not seriously, they fry the fries very well and you can eat them on the street at all hours. They are cheap, you will love them everywhere and with a light meal perfect to last until dinner, and they are also delicious. My favorite places are Vlaams Friteshuis VleminckX, Flabel Friet and the Noodrmarkt market.

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