Happy new year! That is perhaps going parties? I hope that phenomenally well, you I wish that the 2014 is a very generous year that exceeds all your expectations, and in which all can share many joys and smiles... heart. Once started in January, the first recipe could not be other than the of the The Three Kings' Cake (Roscón de Reyes). Many people say to do the twisted roll of Kings is a very difficult to do sweet and did not deserve the penalty do it at home, but as always I am not agree...

A few weeks ago, in Madrid, I wanted to go back to Vait, a bakery of the life (or rather already, a large chain that also includes catering) in the cafeteria with calle Alcalá which was eager to go because they have been the first who have dared with the famous Cronuts (the sweet of fashion in New York, original of the famous French pastry chef Dominique Ansel that comes from the merger between croissants and donuts), but another of the surprises me most struck me were the individual versions of the famous twisted roll of Kings, which they have called Snacks Roscón. The experience was awesome.



The Cronuts mass are performed cruasán, which gives shape of donuts (with a hole in the Center) and that, once fermented, is fried in oil and glaze. Among those who take, cream fillings, Frostings chocolate, raspberry and lemon. As several were, I could try different the maximum... delicious! The lemon and cream fillings left me speechless, even though the kids gave more icings. A delight!

And another gem were Snacks Roscóngo more original idea. Rather than buy a whole twisted roll, you can take updates individualas if they were cupcakes, each type, with different Stuffed: cream, cream, truffle, chocolate... but also with others more original like strawberry or cream of yoghourt. This gives you the opportunity to try different types, and take them at any time. I loved the concept.


And this last suggested to me the idea of making these delicious morsels of Roscón next year. This year, we will start by the more traditional. The The Three Kings' Cake (Roscón de Reyes) is not a sweet that sole leave at the first (you have to be persistent), but like everything in life, when you practice and you get it, the satisfaction to make your own homemade roscón, it is infinite. It is true that making a good roscón is not something like frying an egg, but it must not be a Pierre Hermé (famous French pastry chef and one of my idols) to get it. It must take into account some tracks and have high doses of patience, but nothing more. Do you dare to do one with me?

We start with the first. For example, must keep in mind that although it is much easier to do with baking powder, in my opinion the roulade will result much fluffier if we do it with fresh yeast Baker.

That's why in my recipe will use pressed yeast in bakery (pressed fresh yeast) so our Roscón raise and hold for a few days the sponginess. And where I buy this type of yeast? As in Mercadona, Carrefour... There are a few refrigerated pods that come two pills the size of a toffee candy. Each tablet contains 25 grams and for my recipe you will need two pills (although not whole). In addition, as regards the other ingredients, must keep in mind that it is better to have them all at the same temperature environmentnever cold, and if they are good qualityyou have more chances to succeed.


Another track. Regarding the kneading, you can use an electric mixer for kneading, but I advise you to limit its use only to the first kneading and then do it a mano. Although it is more work, the result is worth it. The task can use a scraper to provided.

Some elaborates letting based only twice, and come out very rich, but in my roscón I've noticed coming out much more good and fluffy if let stand thrice different. The trick to not grow weary? Make a part of the work a day and the rest the next day. So get in addition an extra softness in the mass.

And finally and most important, we must develop it with sourdough. My God!, and what is that?. Well, nothing that should scare us. The sourdough is the basis of most breads. Causes a slow fermentation in the dough which makes the slight mass (rise) slowly and baked once is more fluffy longer.

Like everything in kitchen all you need a roulade is time, patience and much love. Simply smell that come off your kitchen to bake it is already worth the attempt. I've tried several recipes until I found my own, with things here and there, and now they do not change it. In addition greater luxury make a roulade at home is that I can finally eat it without having to remove the candied fruit that I do not like!.

Here we go with my recipe. I hope that you get it right, id step carefully, but above all with patience. Not try accelerate the processes that will go against the quality of the result.

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