Tapas and snacks

Hummus trio: beetroot, avocado and roasted pepper

This trio of hummus is present at almost every home meeting. whether formal or informal, hummus is perfect as a starter or as a salad accompaniment. Even as an accompaniment to fish and meat, such as roast chicken, it's delicious.

Chicken and ham croquettes. Recipe step by step and simple

With these chicken and ham croquettes we celebrate today at home the day of the croquette. Is not that I pen tooth these days, but today I have babeado listening to a program on the radio with a special croquettes, and I, who thought that there were flavors Raritan croquettes, so far I have has that imagination takes the power of more than one when croquettes It concerns.

Easy recipe for mini tacos with guacamole of yogurt. The recipe of coincidences.

An easy recipe for mini tacos with guacamole of yogurt is what I bring you today. In my House still do not give credit and they are super rich. This is one of those dinners that arise when it comes time for dinner, and I have nothing prepared. I open the fridge and by magic, there are things that arise alone and this was so.

My favorite homemade tomato sauce. Marinara tomato sauce

When I prepare this homemade tomato sauce always I take to do too much. Of course you can make less. You only have to divide the quantities proportionately, but I prefer to prepare it and keep it in jars so that then I have always available for all salsa. Especially for improvised dinners of my son.

Rice with meat and cheese Mexican. Rice Enchiladas

This rice to the Mexican with meat and cheese. you will bring the flavor of the chicken enchiladas... but in a frying pan and with rice! It is very simple to prepare and at the same time a different way of eating rice. You can do this only with vegetables, but with meat is so rich!

Sandwich with beef thai with Herbed mayonnaise

This sandwich with Herbed mayonnaise thai beef is going to become one of the winners of the evenings of football or friends in my house. It is very easy to prepare, is super good and you can have them prepared in advance as

Homemade Chinese-style lemon chicken. Asia at your table

This lemon chicken Chinese style in addition to leading oranges, tastes like sweet and sour chicken of Chinese but much healthier restaurant and is one of the new recipes I did when suddenly I planted in my kitchen with many kilos of citrus.

Khachapuri. Bread filled with cheese from Georgia

This Khachapuri or bread cheese filling is typical of Georgia. The bread is made with yeast to grow you size during manufacture and can have different forms. The filling contains generally cheese egg and other various ingredients. And it is also...

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