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Robouchon prawns

These prawns robouchon prepared like no one else the chef Dani García, are a delight. Easy to prepare and very rich, I promise that your guests will be delighted with this dish look you with Loleta.


The naan has become a regular at home. My son eats them to pairs and is one of those recipes that neck with that envelope, but do double amount. It is very easy to make and is much more good

Cake of limes

This cake of limes is the favorite of my sister. The most common version is with meringue, but this with whipped cream you'll love. Look you with loleta brings you today a very English recipe,

Scones with jam

Scones with jam is a dish that can not miss when one takes the English tea. Today you look with Loleta brings you a little piece of Britain, a piece of United Kingdom

Salmon and Apple sandwich

Salmon and Apple sandwich. An indispensable part of the English tea are the sandwiches. The cucumber with butter are very popular, but a mi me are a bit simple,

Mousse of coconut and mango sauce

This mousse coconut and mango sauce is the dessert that often accompanies all my Oriental meals. The mixture of coconut with mango is very exotic addition to very

Risotto with sausage Creole

A delicious Risotto with Creole sausage and cashew nuts will be pleasantly surprised. With the technique of the true risotto and a tasty Creole sausage, you can enjoy an authentic

With kimchi crab club sandwich

This Sandwich with kimchi crab club is a gift to afternoons at home movies. It is the traditional club sandwich, but with a twist

Roasted Black noodles

This dish of noodles black toast with mayonnaise of piquillo peppers that I bring you today, is not a noodles to use but you will love. Toast noodles until they take a golden color to then Cook gently in ink

Iberian salad

A delicious Iberian salad. Worried about the operation bikini? This super salad will help you like no, because she also succeed at your table. Look you with Loleta brings you today one

Mexican wires

These rich Mexican wires are a way easy and delicious to delve into Mexican cuisine. You can use more or less spicy depending on your taste and serve with wheat tortillas.

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